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Genetically Wired

GENETICALLY WIRED YOUR DNA AFFECTS HOW YOUR BODY REACTS TO CAFFEINE. GET TESTED WITH 23ANDME.COM TO LEARN ABOUT YOUR LIKELY RESPONSE 83% According to the National Coffee Association, 83% of adult Americans say they drink coffee. Are you a fast caffeine metabolizer? If coffee isn't really your thing, black or green tea might do the trick. 1-2 Are you a slow caffeine metabolizer? Coffee, but not caffeine, appears to be associated You can still enjoy two or fewer cups per day of caffeinated drinks, including coffee, to get the benefits with lower risks of for brain health. Type 2 Diabetes and various cancers. Caffeine, rather than coffee, appears to protect against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. 34% 49% 34% percentage of 23andMe customers learn their DNA 49% of 23andMe customers learn they are makes them more likely to fast metabolizers of caffeine. consume more coffee/caffeine. 4/5 Four of the top five 'most caffeinated' cities in the country are on the West Coast. SAN SEATTLE PORTLAND SAN JOSE DENVER FRANCISCO The United States is 26th out of 84 in the 26th world in coffee consumption per capita. COFFEE COFFEE 13 of the top 15 consumers of coffee per capita are European countries. 13/15 The heaviest consumption of coffee in the world occurs in Scandinavia. Amount of caffeine in a typical serving of... Coffee Pepsi 95-200 mg per 8 ounces 32-39 mg per 12 ounces Espresso Hershey's Kisses 40-75 mg per single ounce 9 mg per 9 pieces Brewed green tea Excedrin Extra Strength 24-40 mg per 8 ounces 130 mg per 2 tablets KISSES Tea Rooms 25mg 75mg 5mg 3mg 7mg 25mg Per ounce Per ounce Per ounce Per ounce Per ounce Per ounce Genetic differences in caffeine consumption Genetic differences • TT Genotype: Likely to consume a slightly higher amount of coffee per day, on average. in how your body metabolizes caffeine: • CT Genotype: Likely to consume a slightly higher amount of coffee per day, on average. • AA Genotype: Fast caffeine metabolizer • AC Genotype: Slow caffeine metabolizer • CC Genotype: Likely to consume a typical amount of coffee per day, on average. • CC Genotype: Slow caffeine metabolizer Risk factors related to heavy coffee consumption: • Elevated cholesterol • Obesity (depending on how much cream and sugar is used) • Increased blood pressure and heart rate • Increased risk of heart disease Take Action: Your DNA affects how your body reacts to caffeine. 23andMe customers have learned whether they are slow or fast caffeine metabolizers and whether they may have a higher risk of non-fatal heart attack as a result. Get tested with 23andMe to learn about your likely response. 23andMe Cola COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE

Genetically Wired

shared by 23andMe on Sep 27
People are genetically wired to react differently to their morning coffee. Your genetics affect how you metabolize coffee, and are associated with how much you consume. Genetic differences can explain...





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