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Fosamax: What You Need to Know

Osteoporosis Drug with Dangerous Side Effects Your bones are a complex and dynamic system made of three types of tissue: With bones, denser is better. Bone typically increases in density until the mid-20s, then density slowly declines over time. 1 Collagen: this is the flexible framework for your bones. When bones have low density, they're prone to break and fracture. 2 Calcium-phosphate mineral complexes: these make your bones hard and strong. Low bone density is called "osteoporosis" and affects more than 3 Living bone cells: they constantly replace bone tissue so your bones don't weaken or wear 50 million Americans. Osteoporosis out over time. Causes Symptoms v aging v certain medications v autoimmune disorders requiring treatment with steroids v certain diseases, including diabetes and thyroid disorders v lifestyle factors, including inactivity, smoking, drinking, and high-protein and high-sodium diets Brittle bones. Many people don't know they have osteoporosis until they suffer a fracture or develop a stoop. In extreme cases, bones may be broken by such minor contact as bumping into a piece of furniture. Treatment Osteoporosis and Paget's Disease, which also results in loss of bone mass, are usually treated with biphosphonates. Biphosphonates kill osteoclasts, the cells that break down old bone tissue so that it can be replaced. That means more bone tissue is built than is lost. Fosamax Fosamax is a popular osteoporosis drug. Its active ingredient is alendronic acid or alendronate sodium. It was approved by the FDA in 1995, showing increased bone mass in 96% of patients and significantly decreased risk of fractures. Side EffectsS Lawsuits Unfortunately, Fosamax may cause serious side effects including: More than 900 lawsuits have been filed against the makers of Fosamax. v esophageal ulcers v cancer of the esophagus V low blood calcium (causes numbness, muscle spasms and cardiac arrhythmia) Suits allege that Merck knew the drug was dangerous but sold it anyway without warning. Fosamax may cause jaw osteonecrosis. This causes the jaw to rot from the inside. Treatment often requires removal of the jawbone. Even jawbone removal may be ineffective for Fosamax users. The FDA issued a warning letter in 2008 stating that Fosamax was associated with extreme musculoskeletal pain and atpyical femoral fractures. What to Do If you've taken Fosamax and have experienced serious complications, contact us for a free consultation today. Ohio law gives you a limited amount of time in which to file a claim, so don't hesitate. DYER, GAROFALO, MANN SCHULTZ LP.A. IIII %24

Fosamax: What You Need to Know

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Fosamax is a popular osteoporosis drug. It helps increase bone density, preventing the fractures and other side effects of osteoporosis. Unfortunately, Fosamax and other drugs like it may cause danger...



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