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Forget Hangovers

FORGET HANGOVERS HANGOVER CAUSES HANGOVER SYMPTOMS Acetaldehyde A product of alcohol metabolism that is more toxic than alcohol itself Ethanol has a dehydrating effect SENSITIVITY TO LIGHT AND HEADACHE NOISE B1 B12 Congeners NAUSEA TREMOR by-products of the process of alcohol fermentation and exaggerate the symptoms of a hangover Vitamin DEHYDRATION Low BLOOD Deficency SUGAR thiamin (vitamin BÍ) deficiency include loss of balance, confusion, and memory loss Vitamin B12 deficiencies causes pain, tingling, and other abnormal sensations in the arms and legs. DIARRHEA FATIGUE WEAKNESS Sweef Drinks sugar in sweeter cocktails contribute to the severity of hangovers A SINGLE ALCOHOLIC DRINK IS ENOUGH TO TRIGGER A HANGOVER FOR SOME PEOPLE, WHILE OTHERS MAY DRINK HEAVILY AND ESCAPE A HANGOVER ENTIRELY. CTHER CONTRIBUTING FACTORS Age the older you are the more likely Genetics Weight the less one weighs the more that person will feel the effects and the after effects of alcohol some people are genetically lucky when it comes you are to have a severe to hangovers hangover LOST REVENUES DUE TO REDUCED JOB PRODUCTIVITY AND ABSENTEEISM FROM ALCOHOL $148 billion £20 billion la year in the US a year in the UK 23% DOES NOT GET HUNG OVER AFTER DRINKING HANGOVER CURES SPORTS DRINKS WATER GREASY FOOD ОТНER PAIN MEDICATION CURES AROUND THE WORLD BEER GREEN TEA SHRIMP TRIPE SOUP COFFEE PICKLED PLUMS SAUNA SOUR PICKLE JUICE w/BIRCH BRANCH MASSAGE The Best Cure BROUGHT TO YOU BY Prevention Forget Hangonete WANT TO FIND OUT MORE? PLEASE VISIT FORGETHANGOVERS.COM AlI Natural Hengover Patch SOURCES: MORE ALCOHOL "HAIR OF THE DOG" TOAST OR CRACKERS SLEEP VITAMINS SEX EXERCISE

Forget Hangovers

shared by bulatus on Nov 25
What causes hangovers? Find out most common hangover cures around the world.


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