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Food and Drinks That Make You Poo

FOOD AND DRINKS THAT MAKE YOU POO That Makes You Poo... Cause: CAFFEINE Coffee contains high concentrations of caffeine, which increases peristalsis and digestive action. It also increases levels of cholecystokinin, which COFFEE regulates bowel movements. Cause: IRRITATION Spicy food contains capsaicin, which is what gives the "hotness" to the food. This can irritate the bowels and cause the urge to go! SPICY FOOD Cause: SORBITOL (+Fibre) Prunes contain lots of fibre, which increases the bulk of stool, as well as high concentrations of sorbitol, a natural laxative which acts by drawing water into PRUNES the large intestine, stimulating bowel movements. Cause: MAGNESIUM Avocados are high in magnesium, which relaxes muscles and aids in bowel movements by relaxing intestinal muscles and attracting AVOCADOS water to soften stool. Cause: MALTITOL Artificial sweetener maltitol (Lycasin) causes large amounts of water to move into the intestines, causing diarrhoea. Product reviews by those HARIBO SUGARFREE suffering the after effects caused a sensation online! Cause: INTOLERANCE Lactose intolerance occurs when the body does not MILK have enough of the enzyme lactase to digest lactose. This leads to gas production in the colon, as LACTOSE well as water entering producing cramps and diarrhoea. Cause: INTOLERANCE Celiac Disease is an autoimmune response to gluten ingestion, in which the small intestine is damaged. This can lead to increases in bowel movements but GLUTEN can also cause dangerous long term damage. Cause: FIBRE Berries contain lots of fibre which makes up the bulk of stool. Whether red, blue or black - if it's a berry BERRIES chances are it'll make you go! Cause: FIBRE As well as being hailed as a "superfood" due to it's high vitamin content, the fibre that comes from BROCCOLI broccoli also stimulates digestion. Cause: GALL BLADDER DYSFUNCTION Fatty foods that cause diarrhoea may be a sign of gall bladder dysfunction, as the gall bladder secretes bile which digest fats. FATTY FOOD Cause: MEDIUM-CHAIN FATTY ACIDS Fatty acid branches store water between them - therefore excessive consumption can draw water into the digestive system resulting in diarrhoea. COCONUT OIL Cause: FIBRE Ripe bananas are high in soluble fibres which can aid in digestive movements. Ho er, unripe bananas have the opposite effect! RIPEBANANAS That Makes You Pee... 77 Cause: CAFFEINE The caffeine in coffee downregulates Anti Diuretic Hormone (ADH) released from the posterior pituitary. Less ADH allows less water to be reabsorbed in the kidney -resulting in more urine! COFFEE Cause: ETHANOL Ever "broken the seal" when on a night out? This is because alcohol also prevents the release of ADH, therefore making you wee ALCOHOL more. The six pints probably didn't help either! Cause: SORBITOL (+Irritation) Fruit juice contains the non digestible sugar sorbitol which promotes diuretic effects by drawing in water from the bloodstream into the intestine. Their acidic FRUIT JUICE nature also enhances the urge to go by irritation. Cause: IRRITATION From cola to champagne - carbonated drinks of any sort can irritate sensitive bladders and CARBONATED DRINKS trigger the urge to urinate. Cause: SALT DEPLETION The body loses sodium through sweat when exercising which helps to absorb water into cells via osmosis. Sports drinks include salts to continue to WATER allow water absorption by the body. Cause: IRRITATION Tomatoes are another food that are acidic and may cause you to pee more by irritation of the bladder. TOMATOES Cause: CAFFEINE High caffeine content can increase urination through reduced water reabsorption in the kidney and theobromines in chocolate can cause bladder CHOCOLATE irritation giving the urge to pee. | AND THE FOODS THAT STOP YOU GOING... Cause: HIGH FAT AND LOW FIBRE The high fat content and low fibre content of cheese results in slow movement through the digestive system which can cause back up and constipation. CHEESE Cause: HIGH PROTEIN AND LOW FIBRE Red meats are high in protein but do not contain much fibre - if fibre is not included in the diet along with red meats this can cause RED MEAT digestive back-up. Cause: LACK OF FIBRE AND GRAIN The process of making white rice removes the grain and "good parts" of rice which aid digestion - this can cause problems with constipation - switching to WHITERICE brown rice may help. Cause: RECEPTORS IN THE DIGESTIVE TRACT Some painkillers contain elements that bind to receptors that are abundant in the digestive PAINKILLERS tract. This can result in less peristalsis and cause constipation. Cause: STARCH Bananas that are not ripe contain a large concentration of starch which moves slowly through UNRIPE BANANAS the digestive system. Cause: FIBRE Despite lack of fibre being the cause of looser bowels, having too much can cause the digestive system to be overworked and cause constipation. TOO MUCH FIBRE! It's all about getting a balance! Sources: plumbworld Big brands, small prices.

Food and Drinks That Make You Poo

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Ever find yourself needing to go after your morning coffee? Or running to the toilet after eating spicy food? Plumbworld have explored the food and drinks that make you poo - and why they have these effects!


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