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Five Ways That Our Healthcare System is Broken

5 ways that our healthcare system IS BROKEN HEALTHCARE SPENDING WE SPEND WAY TOO MUCH ON NOTHING IMO estimates America loses NEARLY 1/3 IS SIMPLY $750 WASTED UNNECESSARY SERVICES 27.5% $210 billion BILLION DELIVERY OF CARE 17% $130 billion ANNUALLY on EXCESS ADMIN COSTSS 24.8% $190 billion INFLATED PRICES 13.7% $105 billion PREVENTION FAILURES 7.2% $55 billion the US Defense FRAUD 9.8% $75 billion Department US DOD budget $757.8 2x BILLION US HEALTHCARE COST PER for the Iraq US healthcare prices CAPITA IS EXPONENTIALLY have grown at double the HIGHER THAN IN OTHER war over INDUSTRIALIZED COUNTRIES. rate of overall inflation 8 years in the past century. $7,960 $8,000 WE DON'T PAY DOCTORS ACCORDING TO THE QUALITY OF CARE $7,000 $6,000 $5,000 $5,144 $4,363 $4,000 $3,000 $2,000 $1,000 $0 $3,487 $2,983 percentage of doctors who are paid, in part based on QUALITY OF CARE 10.3% 9.8% 11.4% 11.4% 17.4% NZ UK CAN SWITZ USA 95% LOWER COSTS AND UK AUSTRALIAEMBD INCREASE QUALITY 72% OF CARE Electronic Medical Records percentage of EMR penetration 30% 89% US 98% UK NETHERLANDS MANY OF US AREN'T GETTING CARE 28% 79% AT ALL IN THE U.S. US AUSTRALIA 25% CANNOT AFFORD TO SEE A DOCTOR IN CANADA IN THE UK only only between 2-3% SKIPPED SKIPPED 23% CARE CARE SKIPPED A RECOMMENDED TEST, TREATMENT OR FOLLOW-UP PERCENTAGE OF AMERICANS WHO ARE 19% UNABLE TO OR HAVE SERIOUS PROBLEMS PAYING THEIR DIDN'T FILL MEDICAL BILLS. PRESCRIPTIONS no other country is even in the double digits. WE DO NOT TREAT 4 CHRONIC CONDITIONS OUR CARE IS INCONVENIENT 100 80 PROPERLY 60 40 Next to Australians, Americans have the highest rate of chronic disease. 30% 41% 55% 67% USA Britain Germany Australia One of the biggest issues with chronic disease is coordination of care. A single "medical home" is imperative for those with chronic illness (ex. diabetes, kidney failure) IT IS CRITICAL FOR PROVIDERS TO HAVE A FULL PICTURE OF medical history treatments therapies received annually 42% OF AMERICANS We tie with Canadians for the lowest percentage reporting a single "medical home" report paying over WE ARE FREQUENT $5001 out-of-pocket on prescriptions VICTIMS OF MEDICAL MEDICATION AND LAB ERRORS Higher costs means more people going without medication Less medication means less maintenance for chronic illness Less maintenance means catastrophic health events This 42% also skip care, drug doses and doctor's appointments. 20% OF AMERICANS 18% OF HOSPITAL PATIENTS EXPERIENCE SOME FORM OF MALPRACTICE Americans with chronic illness, have an even the rate is higher. SUFFER INJURY DURING THE COURSE OF THEIR CARE according to study by Harvard Medical School THE US DEPT OF HEALTH FOUND: 1 IN 7 MEDICARE PATIENTS SUFFER INJURIES DURING HOSPITAL STAYS ADVERSE DURING EVENTS Up to MEDICAL CARE WRONG SITE WRONG SIDE WRONG PATIENTS CONTRIBUTES TO 180,000 DEATHS/YEAR procedures happen weekly in the USs 9 TIMES MORE PEOPLE DIE ANNUALLY FROM ADVERSE MEDICAL EVENTS THAN DIE FROM FIREARMS MEDICAL DEATHS 180,000 GUN DEATHS 11,493 DEATHS/YEAR DEATHS/YEAR during adverse medical care events from being shot with a firearm (in 2009) Presented by: Sources: DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Five Ways That Our Healthcare System is Broken

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This infographic provides a deeper look into how the United States healthcare system is broken.


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