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Fitness & Nutrition From Monster Supplements

® MONSTERSUPPLEMENTS.COM Value | Service | Advice 5 TOP TIPS HEALTH & FITNESS RULES TO LIVE BY EAT WELL 1 Remove deep-fried foods, sugar & diet sodas. Eat organic, fresh, GM-free HYDRATED Drink at least 2 litres of water per day. More if training. GOALS 3. Set specific, time-phased goals & process goals REST Rest at least 2 days per week. Keep workouts short & intense HEALTHY FATS 5 Include nuts, fish oil, olive & coconut oils. Avoid vegetable oils Creatine & Protein Tumeric, garlic, ginger & probioic Powder for BodyBuilding foods for health EXERCISES TO AVOID BEHIND THE NECK PRESSES Places a large SEATED INNER / OUTER THIGH SMITH MACHINE SIT UPS Sit-ups will not give you a flat stomach. A healthy diet is more effective at An 'unnatural' plane of MACHINES movement amount of strain on can place undue Only incorporates a small muscle mass. the 'rotator cuff pressure on some joints due to the linear path it follows. Inferior to free weights for functional strength muscle in the combating fat around the 'Compound movements', such shoulders and is likely to result in injury. Instead, consider doing military presses as squats, lunges and deadlifts are far stomach. Pilates and exercises such as front squats more effective. GYM WORKOUT EXERCISE SETS REPS す . Chin-ups 3 6 to 12 EXERCISE SETS REPS Deadlifts 3 Barbell Bench Press 3 8 to 12 Barbell row 3 8 to 12 Overhead Squats 3 8 to 12 Plyometric 3 8 Leg press 3 12 to 15 press ups Bodyweight Squats 2 20 to 30 or Reverse fly or 3 12 to 15 Barbell Squats 6 to 10 Lunges 5 on each leg Lying leg raises 2 20 to 30 Plank 1 minute hold Plank 2 1 minute hold Stretching Stretching HOME WORKOUT EXERCISE SETS REPS Chin-ups 3 6 to 12 EXERCISE SETS REPS Strength band shoulder press 3 8 to 12 Strength band lateral 3 raises 10 to 15 Strength band lateral 3 raise 8 to 12 Kettlebell squat & 3 15 to 20 press Lying leg raises Press ups - slow down, fast up 12 to 15 3 8. Chin ups 12 to 15 Free standing squats 2 20 to 30 Free standing squats 2 20 to 30 Lunges 5 on each leg 2 Plank 1 minute hold Jumping squats 10 Stretching Plank 1 minute hold Stretching FUEL YOUR BODY WITH GOOD FOOD 7am 30g whey protein with 300ml water Eggy mess 7.30am 2 scrambled eggs Red onions Tomatoes and green beans Super shake Vanilla protein powder 1 tbsp flaxseed oil "Don't eat anything at all while 9am watching TV. 1 tbsp cashew or almond butter 300ml water / coconut milk Be mindful of everything you 12pm Homemade burgers eat and drink. Give food the focus 2 burgers (grass-fed beef) Soft goat's cheese Broccoli, avocado, tomatoes & appreciation it deserves. Cook 3pm from scratch whenever possible; Afternoon Snack Handful of biltong supplement with fish oil & fry Handful of blueberries 5.30pm Steamed salmon Ginger with coconut oil" Stir-fried vegetables Drew Griffiths 7pm 30g whey protein 40g casein protein 9.30pm LER LO

Fitness & Nutrition From Monster Supplements

shared by drewgriff1980 on Jan 13
An infographic about health, fitness and nutrition. Including top 5 tips for healthy eating, a gym workout and a home workout.


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