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Fitness Myths Debunked

От focus training FITNESS MYTHS DEBUNKED Accurate fitness information can be hard to come by, and distin- guishing the myths from the truth can be difficult. Yet do not fear! We have debunked the 7 biggest myths surrounding fitness below, so that you can get the most out of your regime. "IF YOU'RE HEAVY, YOU'RE FAT" THE TRUTH: ΜΥΤΗ 1| It is natural to gain weight initially when training. Training stimulates the body to build lean muscle to improve your metobolic rate. However, this muscle contains a lot of water, which in turn. weighs a lot It can also cause inflammation, which can lead to water retention during the first few weeks of training. It's therefore not unusual to see weight gain during this time. Muscle is a lot denser than fat too, which means the more muscle you have. the heavier you could weigh, however you wont look that way. MYTH 2 "EATING FRUIT KEEPS YOU HEALTHY". THE TRUTH: Vegetables do have fewer calories that fruit, and the sugar content of fruit is mainly fructose which is mostly stored in the liver, as opposed to muscles. It's much better to fill up on vegetables than fruit as fruit could actu- ally hinder your weight loss goals in the long run. ΜΥΤΗ 3 "SALT IS BAD FOR YOU" THE TRUTH: Salt is a mineral, and just like all other minerals. it is essential to your health. If you never get that vascular look when exercising, it is mainly beçause you are low on sodium. When your body is low on salt, it holds on to it as much as possible during exercise. Having a balanced salt level in your diet will enable your body to stop retaining sodium. and will help you to release it better. Having better levels will also level out your electrolytes. ΜΥΤΗ 4 "ORGANIC FOOD IS BEST FOR WEIGHT-LOSS" THE TRUTH: No matter how organic some products may be, they all still contain calories. They are healthier in the sense that they are free of pesticides and chemicals. However. overeating is still overeating, even if the products are organic, and you will still gain weight. MYTH 5 "DIET SODA MAKES YOU FAT" THE TRUTH: Diet drinks do not contain any nutrients, therefore they have no calo- ries in them. Diet sodas do not make you gain weight, they might cause bloating or stomach discomfort, but that is far from the same as gaining body fat MYTH 6 "NO-CAL PRODUCTS DONT CAUSE FAT" THE TRUTH: No calorie syrups and jams sound too good to be true, mostly because they are. These products do still contain calories, yet a prod- uct can be said to contain o calories if it has under 5 per serving. In reality, most of these products do have 5 calories per serving, so if you had the whole thing, you could end up having more than 60 calo- ries. ΜΥΤΗ 7 "HEALTHY OUTSIDE=HEALTHY INSIDE" THE TRUTH: Just because you look healthy, doesn't mean you are. There are ample diseases and toxins that don't show any physical symptoms, so it's always best to ensure you have regular health check ups with your GP. You will never really know how healthy you are on the inside until you partake in the correct tests. SOURCES: focus От training

Fitness Myths Debunked

shared by SamDickson on Apr 24
This infographic explores the various fitness myths which we hear everyday, and stating whether each of these are true. Some of the fitness myths include: "Eating fruit keeps you healthy" "Salt i...


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