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Fish Oil vs Krill Oil

Fish OilVSKrill Oil With an increasing number of toxins and heavy metals found in fish today, it is difficult to achieve a sufficient level of Omega-3 fatty acids through diet alone. Many people turn to supplements to improve Omega-3 intake, but which are best? Fish Oil or Krill Oil? Source Fish oil is extracted from cold water wild fish or Krill oil is deep ocean farmed fish. extracted from - Tuna Halibut Antarctic Krill. A small crustacean chat feeds on plankton. Sardines -Mackerel Cod Salmon Nutritional Facts Aprox. 30% EPA and DHA Aprox. 14% EPA and DHA. Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Phospholipid Structure For Increased Absorption LoW IN ANTIOXIDANTS 48 x More Potent Than Fish Oil! PRONE TO RANCIDITY, RELEASING FREE RADICALS INSIDE THE BODY. Vitamins A, E and D + Astaxanthin Sustainability Precautionary Catch Limit 6,600,000 Tons 90% Fished Out Krill Harvesting Large-Scale industrial fishing causes 90% of large fish species we consume to could increase 50х We would still be within become fished out. Safe Limits Environmental Impact The CCAMLR combats illegal fishing, Over Fishing Endangers Marine Life protecting the ecosystem. An estimated 300,000 We only fish aprox. 2% of the total recommended limit of krill per year. Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises Die each year from being entangled in fishing gear. Most fish oil comes from Fish Farms, these are also a detriment to the There is plenty of Krill - One of the largest food sources health of the enviornment on the planet! Contaminants Fished far from industrial areas, Fish oil is harvested from larger species of fish, with dangerous levels of heavy metals. 4n pristine Antarctic waters. Mercury X PCBS Krill are at the bottom of the food Toxic Metals & Radioactive substances chain. They don't accumulate toxins, heavy metals and mercury like fish do. GlutathionePRO

Fish Oil vs Krill Oil

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Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to achieve optimal health. With the amount of toxins and heavy metals found in fish, it is difficult to get enough Omega-3 without overloading the body with harmful t...





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