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Fire Up Your Thyroid

HOW TO FIRE UP YOUR Thyroid Hypothyroidism affects 20 millions Americans 50% of them are undiagnosed and don't even know they have it 90% of hypothyroidism is an autoimmune disease A thyroid autoimmune disease means our own immune system is attacking the thyroid gland, confusing it for a foreign object HOW OFTEN DO YOU FEEL THIS WAY? depression and anxiety memory loss, foggy brain loss of self-esteem and joy to live a full life hair loss mood swings • digestive problems painful PMS low sex drive and infertility weight loss is impossible • fatigue and exhaustion YOUR THYROID IS NOT ALONE The THYROID is part of the endocrine system; a network of hormone-producing glands that are intricately inter-connected with each other. 0ne hormone imbalance creates other imbalances. HYPOTALAMUS PITUARY GLAND Master controller THYROID GLANDS Regulates energy and metabolism PARATHYROID Calcium absorption PANCREAS THYMUS Shaky when hungry? Could be your sugar levels. Pancreas manage your sugar levels which can inhibit the thyroid gland. Build resistence to disease ARDENAL GLANDS Cortisol, produced here when stressed out; can deplete the thyroid and suppress the immune system. OVARIES Sex drives, fertility, PMS all connected and impact cysts unstable sugar levels (shaky/moody when hungry?l painful PMS intertity THE THYROID stress and more YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM LIVES IN YOUR GUT Yes, 70% of your immune system lives in your digestive tract DIGESTIVE TROUBLES SUPPRESSED IMMUNE SYSTEM DO YOU HAVE DIGESTIVE ISSUES? ACID REFLUX? 90% BURPING? CONSTIPATION? BLOATING? of thyroid patients deal with these digestive issues GAS? DIARRHEA? Digestive troubles are reason #1 for an inflamed immune system (remember, 90% of thyroid conditions are autoimmune diseases). P.S. It's never "normal" to experience any of these. HEALTHY GUT > HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM > HEALTHY THYROID LAB WORK TO REALLY UNDERSTAND YOUR THYROID Must test for Holistic Approach Conventional Doctor THYROID PANEL TSH Free T4 Free T3 Reserve T3 TPO Antibodies TGB Antibodies HORMONAL PANEL DHEA Cortisol Estrogen Progesterone VITAMIN AND MINERAL DEFICIENCIES Vitamin D Vitamin B complex Iron, selenium, etc PARASITES DIGESTIVE HEALTH HEAVY METAL TOXICITY CONVENTIONAL DOCTOR FACTS 7-10 min $ 280-480/hour Insurance doctor's time Non-insurance doctor fees spent with you 0% 8 hours Investigation to Doctors "training" in nutrition causes of disease 48% Prozac Doctor's revenue Response to your depression from supplements Exercise more Rest more, relax Response to your weight gain Response to your fatigue Can Sythroid cure your thyroid disease? NO TRIED EVERYTHING BUT NO RESULTS? BOOKS PALEO DIET IODINE TREATMENT VEGETARIANISM NATUROPATHS/NUTRITIONISTS ACUPUNCTURE LONG LIST OF SUPPLEMENTS Yup, we hear you Nothing or little worked Confused and frustrated? THIS IS WHY WE ARE HERE TO HELP WE CAN HELP YOU MASTER NOURISH Thyroid made simple; critical thyroid knowledge you need to have, which your doctors has no time to give you. Learn how to fire up your thyroid with the right thyroid diet foods. 3 DETOX BOOST Free your body from toxins that Bring on the right herbs, supplements and emotions. inhibit the thyroid function and the immune system. WHAT RESULTS CAN YOU EXPECT? XX Much more energy! More clarity of mind [less/no depression and anxiety] More motivation to do the things you love Excitement and enthusiasm 180 LB How to find the right doctor Down by a few pounds (healthy and sustainable wayl A proven action plan to get the thyroid health you deserve and what tests to ask for THE SOLUTION "FIRE UP MY THYROID" DIY PROGRAM A complete 4-step healing SYSTEM Materials: MPЗ TRANSCRIPTS & GUIDES THYROID HEALING RECIPES AND MEAL PLANS 12 hours of Step-by-step done-for-you thyroid healing plans audio material FREE VIDEO CLASSES ONLINE COMMUNITY Life-long thyroid support community CLICK HERE ..... >>>>

Fire Up Your Thyroid

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Learn exactly what you need to do in order to overcome hypothyroidism for good




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