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Fire Safety For Kids

THE ULTIMATE FIRE SAFETY GUIDE FOR YOUNG FAMILIES FACT ABOUT FIRES IN THE U.S Every 25 seconds A fire department responds to a fire. Every 65 seconds one Every 33 minutes Every162 minutes one one civilian fire structure fire is injury is reported. civilian fire reported. depth occurs. Remember to prepare your home in case of a fire ADDITIONAL FIRE FACTS Being prepared will help limit the risk of starting a fire and avoid get- ting hurt in the event of a fire. Smoking and toxic gases from the fire kill more people Working smoke alarms reduces the chances of dying in a fire by nearly 50%. Worldwide 60,000 children die from a fire related incident than flames do. every year. 50,000 fires involving playing with fire are reported every year in the United States. Fires kill more Americans each year Children under five and adults over than all natural disasters 65 are more than twice as likely to die in a home fire than the rest of the US Population. combined. Most fire related deaths occur at night, while family members are asleep. Only 26% of families have actually developed and practiced a home fire escape plan. UNIVERSAL FIRE PREVENTION STEPS FOR KIDS AND PARENTS Take fire safety Seriously. If you don't your children won't. Have kids wear tight fitting clothes if cooking over an open flame. Teach your kids how to handle matches and lighter in a safe manager when they are old enough. Make sure your kids understand that playing with fire can be really dangerous. AAAA Don't leave hot pans, oven or stove unattended when Make sure pot handles are facing inward so they won't be knocked off accidentally. cooking. A grown up must be present when a child is cooking on the stove top. Set a timer when cooking food in the oven. Portable space heaters must be off when no adult is Properly store flammable liquids. Never overload electrical outlets. present. UNIVERSAL FIRE PREVENTION STEPS FOR KIDS AND PARENTS Use candles safely. Away from Don't heat Be cautions Keep cooking surfaces clean Electrical cords must not be your home using the about where curtains and other you smoke. and free of damaged. things that could catch fire. grease buildup. oven. AAAA Replace or professionally repair any appliances that spark, smell unusual, or Cover electrical outlets that are not Consider when Fireplaces should be Limit distractions children are old covered with a when cooking start being used if you have young children. screen to keep in the kitchen. enough to handle things that could sparks from jumping out. start a fire. overheat. UNIVERSAL FIRE PREPAREDNESS STEPS FOR KIDS AND PARENTS Have an escape plan in place with at least two exits. 自 Test the alarm monthly and change batteries at least once a year. Have several smoke alarms so they can be heard everywhere in the house. Make sure the alarm will wake up everyone, and children know to do when they hear it. Keep essential items, such as glasses, at the bedside. Have a fire extinguisher easily available and be sure everyone knows how to use it. Consider whether your children are old enough to get out safely by themselves or need assistance. Make sure your child has a fire escape plan for all frequently visited locations-home, school, church, friends' homes, etc. Kids should learn to stop, drop, and roll to extinguish flames if an article of clothing catches on fire. In case you have to change your address, make sure to go through all the steps mentioned above again. Be sure your babysitter knows fire prevention and has studied the escape plan. MAKING A FIRE ESCAPE PLAN WITH THE KIDS Kids enjoy games-this is how you engage your child in making a fire escape plan to ensure they know what to do in case of a fire. Find a good spot for meeting outside. If there's ever a fire, this is where everyone will meet. Start out with a blank of piece раper. On the blank sheet of paper, get your children to draw your house clearly marking all windows and Make sure everyone in the house knows what to do in case the fire alarm goes off. doors. Practice the fire escape Go into all rooms and find drill. two exits. Memorize the phone number of your local fire department. Make sure that all windows and doors can easily be opened by everyone. UNIVERSAL STEPS TO FOLLOW IN CASE A FIRE BREAKS OUT Follow the escape plan while staying near the ground to avoid breathing in excess amounts of smoke. Once outside, call your department, 911 (in the US) or 999 (in the UK) Unless instructed by the fire Afterwards, let friends and family know everyone's okay. department, use an elevator during a fire. Check door with the back of the hand before opening them (if a door is hot, don't open it, there might be a fire behind the door. Use another exit instead). Never go back into a burning building once safely outside. FIRE SAFETY TIPS FOR BABIES Designate one person to get infants and small children out safely. Don't hold a baby while carrying anything hot or when cooking on the stove. FIRE SAFETY TIPS FOR LITTLE KIDS Teach kids never to play with matches or lighters. Teach kids how to respond to the sound of a smoke alarm. FIRE SAFETY TIPS FOR OLDER KIDS Teach older kids not to use candles in their bedrooms, unless supervised by an adult. Finally, always use caution and good judgement when handling fire. A fire can spread rapidly and knowing the steps of this infographic may one day help save lifes. SOURCE php artment-responds-to-a-fire-in-the-us This infographic was made available afteyFactSheet.pdf O ロ 田 ...

Fire Safety For Kids

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Home fires can start and spread quickly, which is why we all need to be careful and educated when it comes to fire safety. Just a little bit of planning can make a big difference for your family. The ...


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