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Fifty, Fit, & Fabulous Baby Boomers Turn 50

&FABULOUS Baby Boomers Turn 50 With the modern advances in medicine, we are living longer, staying healthier, and looking better than ever. How can you balance being Fifty, Fit, and Fabulous? By 2015, those age 50 and 82% OF ADULTS older will50 AND OLDER USE THE INTERNET TO RESEARCH HEALTH AND WELLNESS 450% population Celebrity Tip From: Mariska Hargitay represent e the She frequently drinks a juiced concoction of kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, ginger, lemon, and a green apple. In the winter, Mariska sticks to the treadmill, in the summer, she swims regularly! How To Be Fify & Fit Consider B12 Supplements AMERICANS 55+ ARE THE FASTEST-GROWING AGE GROUP AMONG GYM MEMBERS, UP MORE THAN • Supports healthy nerve and blood cells • Is usually found in fish and meat. 266% SINCE 1987 Give Salt The Slip Significantly decrease or remove salt from your diet to lower your risk for: Stroke, Heart attack, Heart failure, Kidney disease, Early death In the average American diet, 72% of salt comes from processed foods. Ideal amount? Anything less than about % teaspoon. Increase your Calcium and Vitamin D miLK After 50, the body breaks down more bone than it builds! Add calcium to your diet with: Sardines, Broccoli, Kale, Low-fat or fat-free milk and yogurt Celebrity Tip From: Dep Johnny After turning 40, Depp made the switch to a healthier lifestyle (better late than never!) He cut down on smoking, started exercising onset, and began eating healthier, a decision largely influenced by his children. His motto? "You're only as old as you feel." OVER THE NEXT DECADE U.S. BABY BOOMERS WILL SPEND $1 TRILLION DOLLARS ON WELLNESS-BASED SERVICES Health Screenings You're 50, own it! Regular checkups and specific tests become crucial at this age. 50 is all about prevention. That way, you can be fabulous for another 50 years. Colorectal Cancer Of cancers that affect both men Cervical Cancer and women in the U.S., colorectal Have a Pap smear every 1-3 years cancer is the 2nd biggest killer. until you're 65 if you're sexually 51,000 people die each year from active. After 65, if your previous screenings have been normal, or you have had a hysterectomy for colorectal cancer. Regular screening tests can prevent more than half of these deaths. There non-cancer related issues, you do are multiple types of tests: not need to have a Pap smear. High-Sensitivity FOBT Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Colonoscopy Your doctor can help you decide which test is best for you. Screening increases your chances Tests For Both Men & Women of discovering polyps before cancer develops, or catching cancer in the earlier stages. #1 THYROID HORMONE TEST Why it matters: Your thyroid produces hormones that regulate your metabolism. Get tested at 50 and every years after. THE RECTAL EXAM Why it matters: Colorectal cancer or prostate #2 cancer in men. Get tested at 50 and every year after. BLOOD PRESSURE Why it matters: Hypertension is bad for your #3 whole body, deteriorating function in your Heart, Brain, Eyes, and Kidneys. The test is simple, quick, and cheap! CHOLESTEROL PROFILE #4 Why it matters: High cholesterol puts you at risk for Heart disease, Heart attack, Diabetes, and Stroke. Get tested at 50 and every 5 years after (more frequently if you're at risk for heart attack). HEPATITIS C #5 Why it matters: If you were born between 1945-1965, you are among the group with the highest infection rate for Hepatitis C. Because blood was not tested for the virus at that time, most people are unaware they are infected. Therefore it is crucial to get tested at 50. Celebrity Tip From: Michelle Obama How does the first lady find time to stay fabulous? "Bo Dance Party" - The family runs around the house, throwing a ball for their dog. Bo. Equal parts chasing and being chased. Fun family activities are a great way to sneak exercise into your everyday schedule. PLASTIC SURGERY PATIENTS OVER 50 ARE MOSTLY CONCERNED WITH FACIAL AGING Popular Facial Procedures Include: • Chin implants • Cheek implants • Neck lift • Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) • Browlift • Non-surgical treatments such as fillers faser Skin Resurfacing • Corrects for wrinkles, sun damage and acne scarring. Makes skin look rejuvenated, smooth, and uniform in color. • In 2012, over 500,000 laser skin resurfacing procedures were performed, and that number has been on the rise. Celebrity Tip From: Brad Pitt Brad has one secret to staying fit at fifty: active family vacations. He is frequently spotted out with his kids, playing, surfing, zip lining. always moving! His diet? Low-sugar and low-carb to maintain his famous physique. Looking Back on the Last 50 Years.. There have been numerous developments in the medical field: • CT scanner • Laparoscope • Vaccines: - Measles Mumps Chicken Pox - Hepatitis B - Hepatitis A Lyme Disease Who knows what amazing advancements will develop over the next 50 years! However, we do know that diet and exercise now are always beneficial further down the road. Start now so you can be 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 and fabulous! SOURCES e-obama-i,20,20412179,00.html .com/family/celebrity- http://www. om/bloa/kristin-kirkpatrick-ms-rd-ld/5-Ddineleariska-hargitay-interview-5 ocedures-performed-in-2012.html staying-strong-and-healthy-after-50 plastic-surgery-pr -involvement/healthy-men/men-over-50.html http://www.cde cteeessfepactal/basic_info/screening/tests.htm Michelle Obama picture: Johnny Depp picture: Brad Pitt picture: Mariska Hargitay picture: Finding Doctors. Empowering Patients. oitamins

Fifty, Fit, & Fabulous Baby Boomers Turn 50

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By the year 2015, 45% of the U.S. population will be 50 or older. However, staying healthy has become a prevalent trend for this age group. 82% of adults 50 and older use the Internet to research heal...




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