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Female Infertility in the United States

FEMALE INFERTILITY JN THE UNITED STATÈS- Primary Infertility Couples who have not become pregnant after at least one year of unprotected sex DEFINED DFFINED Ø Secondary Infertlity Couples who hove been pregnant at least once, but never again FACTS ABOUT INFERTILITY Percentage of women in the United States 10% OF WOMEN between the ages of Infertility affects male and female 15-44 considered infertile (6.1 million) reproductive systems equally 85-90% of infertility cases treated with drug therapy or surgical procedures Fewer than 3% of infertility cases need technologies like in vitro fertilization (IVF) Of those treated for infertility, 67% will go on to have a baby MAIN CAUSES OF FEMALE INFERTILITY (ACCOUNT FOR 40% OF INFERTILITY CASES) PROBLEMS FALLOPIAN TUBE POOR EGG QUALITY WITH OVULATION DAMAGE OR BLOCKAGE INFERTILITY RISK INCREASERS DRUGS STRESS DIET AND EXERCISE AGE SMOKING EXCESSIVE ALCOHOL USE POOR DIET STDS LIKELIHOOD OF INFERTILITY BY AGE 5 MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT CONCEPTION 3% 20-24 1. Having sex every day decreases conception chances by lowering sperm count (actually increases chances of conception) 5% 25-29 2. Wearing boxer shorts matters (as long as they're cool, you're cool) 8% 30-34 3. Sexual positions matter (sperm typically reach their target despite position) 15% 35-39 4. Lubricant will help transport sperm to eggs (lube can create an inhospitable environment by changing the vagina's PH balance) 32% 40-44 5. Vitamins and supplements should be started after getting pregnant (DHEA should be taken for at least 6-20 weeks to increase pregnancy chances; folic acid should be taken BEFORE and DURING pregnancy fo prevent birth defects) 69% 45-49 99% 50+ Sources: Brought to you by: publications/fact-sheet/infertility.cfm FERTINATAL High-quality DHEA for Women's Fertility |I

Female Infertility in the United States

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Female Infertility in the United States, presented by Fertinatal fertility supplement, featuring definitions, facts, causes and misconceptions regarding national female infertility.


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