Feel The Burn in 10 Minutes

Feel the burn 10 minutes If you've ever wondered if playing computer games and sleeping can count as exercise, then look at these common activities that demonstrate how many calories you can burn in just 10 minutes. How many calories burned in 10 minutes 41 111 28 16 200 Standing Playing Motion Control Computer Games 99 Cleaning 12 Swimming 17 14 24 16 Lying Down Cycling Using a Computer Kettlebell Sitting Driving 160 Training 110 Playing Standard Computer Games 44 15 22 17 Reading Jogging (6mph) Eating Talking Running (8.6mph) Walking (3.7mph) In July 2012 competitive-eater Joey Chesnut ate 68 hot dogs (and buns) in 10 minutes. That's 19,720 calories The equivalent of 8 days Nathan's worth of food. Which would take 16 hours of kettlebell training to burn off. However hot dogs aren't the most calorific food. Calories in 100g serving Hot Dogs Fried Chicken Cheese Dark Chocolate 462 463 466 501 Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Salad Dressing Nuts & Seeds 560 588 631 719 Vegetable Oil Animal Fat 884 902 If Joey Chesnut That means your body Nathans consumed the is able to consume same volume of animal fat as he did hot dogs* 138 he would have consumed an incredible 27,601 calories 888888888888 times 88888888888 23 more calories Which would have taken than it can burn of kettlebell training to burn off. hours There are foods and drinks that you can consume that will increase your metabolic activity and help you burn even more calories. % increase in metabolic activity 8% 10% 10% 17% 20% 30% Spicy Foods Ooolong Tea Coffee Green Tea Chewing Gum Water 216 220 220 234 240 260 Calories burned during most intensive excercise As well as boosting your metabolic activity, a great way to reduce your calorie intake is to eat low calorie foods. Low calorie foods 1/2 Cucumber 1/2 Cup of Sugar Snap Peas Celery Stalk Cup of Lettuce Tomato 6.5 20 25 30 1/2 Cup of Apricot Halves Carrot Peach 1/2 Grapefruit Cup of Jicama Sticks 30 37 37 37 45 Cup of Strawberries Cup of Watermelon Cup of Papaya Cup of Cantaloupe Orange 50 51 54 56 60 Most of all it's important to exercise regularly and eat healthy because your body is much better at consuming calories than it is at burning them. Notes: *One hotdog is 45g and 68 hot dogs is 3.06kg Sources Activity Calculator - Ideal Weight Charts - How Many Calories Does Sitting Burn? - How Many Calories Do You Burn Standing All Day? - Calories Burned Calculator - How Many Calories Are Burned Playing Video Games? - Calorie Burn Calculator - Activities - 10 Best Exercises - The Best Calorie Burning Activities - What Happens To Your Body When You Eat 68 Hot Dogs In 10 Minutes - Highest Calorie Foods - The Best Apps For Losing Weight - 50 No-Sweat Ways To Burn Calories - Can Spicy Foods Raise Metabolism? 10 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism - Metabolism Hacks: Tap Into Your Calorie Burning Power - The Energy Expended In Chewing Gum - Get Something For Nothing: 25 Nearly Calorie-Free Foods: Brought to you by @ QuickQuid Quick Loans to Suit You

Feel The Burn in 10 Minutes

shared by kymberly786 on Apr 08
As soon as I hit the road going home I immediately think of the amount of torture I would endure to burn off all of the extra weight I gained during the holidays. Good thing I have this infographic to...




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