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Fatteicity We all know the American obesity crisis is getting out of hand, but what if the 70% of us who are overweight or obese actually did something about it? Just think, if we were all working out how much FAT-TRICITY could we generate? What does obesity really translate to? American Male American Femal Awrage Huight 5'10" Ange Highe 5'4" Honthy Weight170lbs Hodty Wht OvenweightO Obese 175lbs Morbidly Obese 233lbs Overwkght Cbosa 210lbs Morbidly Obese 279lbs AAARAAAMMANAA AAMAARA MANADAABAAA In one year we would generate 639,053,873 kWh just getting back to healthy weight! DEC. 31 The same output as 106 3-MW Turbines A year's worth of power for Bermuda OR Belize OR Plus We'd Rein in Obesity's Shocking Medical Costs Dr. Lipidstein Obesity will result in $550 Billion in health care costs by 2030 The obesity epidemic is now more expensive than smoking Obese Americans average 5-9 more sick days per year Obese absenteeism coșts employers $6.4 billion JUST LOOK AT OBESITY'S IMPACT ON TRANSPORTATION Domestic airlines are flying 17.6 billion more pounds today That burns an extra 176.4 million gallons of jet fuel, costing $538 million. than in 1990 and producing 1,852,200 tons of carbon emissions If every obese person in America lost 50 Ibs. fuel costs would drop $1,638,000,000 annually That translates to: BILLION GALLONS 460,112,360 4,507,375 24,216,440 of extra gas were burned from 1960-2002 barrels of foreign oil/year gallons of gas tons of carbon emissions FAT-TRICITY IN THE REAL WORLD The average person generates anywhere from 50-250 watts during a workout – depending on intensity and physical condition. At that pace, a 30-minute workout can power: GREEN Imicrogym 1.5 shots ef espsso strajebtonings 35 mobile phone charges hours of energy saving lighting 50 m blondorod 10 265 hours of laptop use Members of the three Green Microgyms in Portland, Oregon, already turn their sweat into power! songs played on WOur storoo SOURCES: POWERED BY: wdkabledawodd com/artmanioublishtheioht www.abiouor comatmanpublnmednt chart.sntml httv s coOumetieports.Oeg/cars/2010/Dgi-us-obesity problem-impacts-automobi le-safety-and-fuel-economy-htri shtml ntrp://www.budgettravelcom/blog/overweight passengers-cost the ailines fuel, 1000 asox7cid1256 ikout-generates-energyhtm http://www.ela.govdapps/ipdbproject/IEDindex3.cfm?tid-28pid-28aid-2 ELECTRIC.COM Electricity made easy


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The obesity epidemic in the United States can't be ignored any longer. With nearly 70% of Americans being categorized as overweight or obese by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it's imp...



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