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Facts and Figures on Common Personal Injuries

FACTS AND FIGURES ON COMMON PERSONAL INJURIES PERSONAL INJURY STATISTICS medical errors lead to about 100,000 fatalities 4-5% of the personal injury cases in the United States go to trial 95-96% of personal injury every year 97% of medical cases are settled pre-trial mo ractice claims are due to injury Other accidents in which Personal Injuries occur Slip and fall accidents 17,000 every year Construction accidents 300,000 injuries and 1,000 deaths every year Amusement park accidents 7,000 injuries annually Dog bites 5 million annually Every year in the US over 31 million injuries need doctor's care almost 2 million injuries require hospitalization and 162,000 people die from their injuries MAJOR CAUSES OF PERSONAL INJURY 50% Motor Vehicle Accidents 21% Slips and Falls 12% Assault/Acts of Violence 10% Sports & Recreation 7% Others Motor Vehicle Accidents Other Vehicle Accidents 6million Motorcycle Accidents car collisions occur in the US annually that's 1 accident every 10 seconds Boating Train Accidents ATV Accidents Accidents Slips and Falls Accidents | Slips and falls EMERGENCY account for more thanlmillion ER visits each year Most slips and falls caused by slippery walking surfaces Worker's compensation claims from slips and falls in the workplace, total $70 billion each year Slips and falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries Assault/Acts of Violence !! 26.9% were committed with hands, fists, and feet There was an estimated 806,843- aggravated assaults in the Nation 18.7% 20.9% were committed with knives or |cutting instruments were committed with firearms 233.5% i others weapons Sports & Recreation MOST COMMON DIAGNOSES FOR SPORTS INJURIES COMMON INJURIES TO THE BODY Strain/Sprain 451,480 Fracture 249,500 HEAD 14% Contusions/Abrasions 210,640 FACE 7% FINGERS 12% Concussions 163,670 Others/Not stated 141,330 KNEES 9% ANKLES 15% 85,560 Laceration Dislocation 33,300 Others Medical Malpractice Subcategories + Unnecessary surgery + Medication errors in hospitals + Other errors in hospitals + Infections + Non-error, adverse effects of Work-related Injuries Back injuries from lifting Neck injuries from reading Carpal tunnel syndrome from typing medication RESOURCES: CLARK the LAW OFFICE

Facts and Figures on Common Personal Injuries

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This infographic was created to inform viewers about the most common types of personal injuries. Most people don’t realize that there are over 31 million injuries every year that require the assista...


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