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Facts About Your Smile

Facts about Your Smile (That are Worth Smiling About) A SMILE is more than a reaction to a positive situation. A big grin can have several physical, social, and psychological benefits, too. Smiles Relieve Stress Smiles Can Reduce Conflict Smiles put people at ease and diffuse stressful Even if you smile for no apparent reason, this simple act can release mood- changing endorphins. situations (though a fake smile could make the situation worse). A Smile Uses 5-53 Muscles Babies are Born Able to It actually takes more muscles (and effort) to frown than it does to smile. Smile This is not just mimicking their surroundings, as blind babies also smile. You Can be More Confident Smiling makes you appear more confident and successful. Smiles Make You Memorable Most people find it easier to remember a smiling face. Smiles Sound Different You can tell when someone is smiling by the sound of You Can Get Healthy Smiling has been shown to improve immune systems and lower your blood their voice, even over a telephone. pressure. You Can Get Healthy Smiling has been shown to improve immune systems and lower your blood You Will be More Appealing A smile says you are fun, attractive, and released, which is much more pressure. approachable. A Smile Creates Smiles Relieve the Stress of Others A smile is literally contagious. Studies from Uppsala University say that other people's smiles suppress the control we have over our facial muscles, which makes it hard to frown and compels us to smile. a "Feedback Loop" Our brains tell us to smile in a positive situation, but a smile tells the brain we are in a positive situation. In other words, good feelings build on themselves. Some People are More likely to Smile than Others On average, women smile 62 times a day, while men only smile 8. It's Easy to Spot a Fake Our brains are wired to distinguish between real and fake smile by comparing facial geometry, the current situation, and how we smile back. If we return a fake smile, it's Babies will smile hun- dreds of times every day. Possible reason why: In a study, women who smile because that's all we were given. were rated as more attractive, but on the opposite side of the coin, brooding men were gen- erally rated higher. Practice Makes Perfect You can get better a smiling by practicing in the mirror every morning. And who couldn't use a boost of endorphins every morning? Still, 99.7% of adults say that an attractive smile is an important personal asset. Smiles are Cross-cultural This simple expression has the same meaning in different societies d/what-s-smile ing-a-guide-to-humans-most-powerful-gesture LêDowns • DENTISTRY • tapped-power-of-smiling/ chive/2013/01/how-smiles-control-us-all/272588/

Facts About Your Smile

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Find out facts about smiling and how it can help you with your general health.


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