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Facts About Smoking

SMOKING Facts About Smoking You Don't Know Smoking is the hardest habit to kick due to the addictive nature of nicotine in cigarettes. Like other addictive drugs, the body and mind quickly become accustomed to the nicotine causing a person to feel compelled to have it in order to feel normal. It soon becomes a vicious cycle which can be hard to stop! The Odds are Against You Smoking is the single LARGEST PREVENTABLE CAUSE OF DEATH in the UK 10 MILLION OVER PEOPLE in the UK smoke causing around 100,000 PEOPLE TO DIE each year from smoking related diseases 怀 1 IN 2 SMOKERS WILL DIE FROM SMOKING The Clock is Ticking According to popular medical research, EACH CIGARETTE YOU SMOKE TAKES UP TO 11 MINUTES OF YOUR LIFE Someone who regularly SMOKES ONE PACK OF CIGARETTESA DAY will lose the following time off their life: • 3.6 hours daily • 25 hours weekly • 108 hours monthly • 1,338 hours annually If a person continues to smoke for another 10 years, they will LOSE UP TO 557 DAYS OFF 13,383 HOURS OF THEIR LIFE! THERE ARE OVER 4,000 CHEMICALS IN A CIGARETTE, including over 50 known carcinogens and ingredients like rat poison, toilet cleaner and nail varnish remover and so many more! A CARBON TAR ARSENIC ACETONE MONOXIDE Statistics show that about 9 OUT OF 10 TOBACCO USERS START SMOKING BEFORE THEY REACH 18 YEARS OLD What Happens the Day you Quit AFTER 12 HOURS AFTER 20 MINUTES your heart rate and blood pressure drops back to normal the level of carbon monoxide in the blood drops back to normal What Happens to Your Lungs AFTER HOURS AFTER MONTHS SEVENTY TWo THREE-NINE Your lungs start clearing out Your lungs will have room for up your build-up of tar, energy to 10% more oxygen. level increases and breathing becomes easier. O2 AFTER 1-9 WEEKS Smoker 'norms' like constant cough and shortness of breath become less pronounced. The tiny hairs that line your lungs begin to work normally again by cleaning the lungs and reducing risk of infection. Long Term Benefits of Quitting AFTER ONE YEAR AFTER FIVE YEARS THE RISK OF GETTING the risk of getting coronary HEART DISEASE IS HALF AS HIGH MOUTH, THROAT, ESOPHAGUS AND as a smoker. BLADDER CANCER IS HALF AS HIGH as a smoker. Risks of cervical cancer and stroke reduce too. AFTER TEN YEARS AFTER FIFTEEN YEARS THE RISK OF DYING FROM THE RISK OF DYING FROM LUNG CANCER IS HALF THAT OF A HEART DISEASE IS EQUIVALENT TO A NON-SMOKERS RISK SMOKER. Risk of pancreatic and larynx cancer also reduces. Staying smoke free will have such a massive impact on your life MORE MONEY MORE ENERGY BETTER EVERYDAY PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE BRIGHTER SKIN, LESS WRINKLES MORE TIME WITH THE PEOPLE YOU CARE ABOUT IMPROVED HEALTH Public Health England states: 'E-CIGARETTES ARE AT LEAST 95% LESS HARMFUL THAN TRADITIONAL CIGARETTES.' 0800 772 0234 Sources: www.who.Int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs339/en/ Designed by Reflect Digital -0

Facts About Smoking

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SMOKO is a premium electronic cigarette supplier in the UK and have a passion for helping individuals to give up smoking and find healthier methods of dealing with stress and anxiety. The Facts About...


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