Facts About Sleep!

Sleep habits and the beds you lie in. A good night's sleep is essential for a productive working day, but how much do we really know about sleep, and what about the history of the comfy bed we sleep in? X7-9 is the 50% recommended number of hours HOURS sleep needed for an adult the percentage of the brain used by a duck when sleeping 6ног 6HOURS 2-4 number of hours Obama sleeps each day HOURS number of hours Berlusconi sleeps each day 50-70 MILLION PEOPLE 3400BC reference to Tutankhamen's bed number of Americans with sleep disorder 70% number of people who make their bed each day World's largest bed Days Hours Mins 18 21 40 + 53’11". world record for staying awake 18-36% 70% people who report having experienced deja vu people who report having experienced deja vu number of people who report having had precognitive dream "Dreams true" 60% Come 99 93% figure of GPs who believe quality of bed improves sleep people who believe in reality of precognitive dreams 90% 50% percentage of dreams that are increase of weight in forgotten mattress thanks to dust in 10 years 5mins 10mins 10 time it takes for half of your dream to be forgotten after waking up time it takes for 90% of dream to be forgotten mins 19881989 1990 $99,900 • year of study into how light on knee affects sleep price of world's most expensive mattress good night. 86’11"

Facts About Sleep!

shared by BuntingDesign on Nov 12
How long does Obama Sleep per night? How big is the world's largest bed? Facts and trivia on sleep and the bed we sleep in


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