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Facts About Hearing Loss

FACTS ABOUT HEARING LOSS 36,000,000 of Americans report some degree of hearing loss. That is 17% of the total population. 17% or 26,000,000 Americans have high frequency hearing loss due to exposure to loud sounds or noise at the workplace or in leasure activities 15% Causes of Hearing Loss ยป) (Loud Noise) (Aging) (Illness) (Heredity) Noise-induced Hearing Loss is related to the duration and volume of exposure. 85 db Busy City Traffic ON AM FM min 90 db Hair Dryer 115 db iPod at Peak Volume Volume 120 db Car Horn 1 Meter Away max A safe exposure limit is 85 decibels for 8 hours a day Listening to an iPod at peak volume for just 15 minutes 115 db can cause permanent hearing loss 1 in 5 teens have slight hearing loss (mostly from mp3 players) Only 1 out of 7 people who could benefit from a hearing aid actually wear one 111111 $ Hearing aids can cost as much as $ Six Thousand Dollars ...PER EAR That's more than their weight in GOLD However, Medicare and about 80% of insurance plans have ZERO coverage for hearing aids Brought to you by MD HearingAid Information from this infographic available at,,, and

Facts About Hearing Loss

shared by t1handy on Aug 26
Describes facts about hearing loss and what you can do to protect your ears and prevent it in the future.


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