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Fact or Myth The Truth Behind Common Health Knowledge

Greatst FACT OR MYTH? TRUTH COMMON HEALTH O The BE HIN D -KNOWLEDGE- We hear them all the time, those often repeated health warnings like: “the cold weather will make you sick!" The fact is though, that many of the most common health "facts" repeated so often are actually flat out wrong. Going out in the cold certainly won't make you sick. Yet the myth persists: The truth is, staying cooped up creates more exposure to germs, which can lead to illness. So, while many of our old health-related wive's tales are based on a grain of truth, some don't reflect the most advanced scientific knowledge.. In the name of truth, we’re gonna debunk a few commonly accepted beliefs. e THE MYTH E MAKE YOU SICK Vaccinations are not necessary and 66 , Vaccinations are just for kids. • Vaccines cause autism, diabetes, and asthma. » Most major diseases have been eradicated. 9) The TRUTH Childhood immunity from vaccinations is not lifelong. O Small pox is the only disease to be eradicated completely. Diseases like whooping cough and measles still infect people in the developed world. • 2008: American measles outbreak after being "eradicated" in 2000. • 2006, 2009: American mumps epidemics. Studies show vaccinations are not causally linked to adverse health impacts. Very Safe Vaccines are better-tested than antibiotics and vitamin supplements. Debunked » Studies linking MMR vaccine to autism and inactivated influenza vaccine to asthma. THE PRESCRIPTION O Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (DTP): Substitute one-time dose of Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) for Td (tetanus and diphtheria) booster; then boost with Td every 10 years after the age of 19. Recommended adult vaccinations and boosters: O Human papillomavirus (HPV): Females between the ages 11 and 26. Men and boys can also benefit from the vaccine; consult your doctor. O Measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR): One dose after the age of 50. Hepatitis A: If traveling to regions with high rates of infection, if you have chronic liver disease, or if living or working with someone with the infection. 2 Influenza: Every fall. O Hepatitis B: If traveling to regions with high rates of infection, if sexually active with multiple partners, or if using drugs intravenously. 9 Pneumococcal: One dose before age 65; repeat does after age 65 or immunocompromised. O Meningicoccal: If a military recruit, traveling to a region with a high rate of infection, or if your spleen is damaged. O Shingles: Once after the age of 60. O Chicken pox: Anytime during adulthood for persons who have not been exposed. Vaccines are more critical for those traveling abroad. •C MYTH Heart disease only affects the UNHEALTHY, ELDERLY 66 Youth means no heart disease or stroke.9) 66 Healthy diet and exercise means no heart disease. 99 CAROTH The TRUTH Childhood signs of future heart disease, include: high body mass index, blood pressure, and cholesterol, Arteriosclerosis may start building up in your body in your teens. Factors that predispose you to heart disease at any age: Gender: Men High blood pressure and cholesterol: Genetic factors: more likely than Creep in at any women. Greatly increase the risk. age. e THE PRESCRIPTION (your weight in kilograms divided by your height in square meters) or less. O Annual heart check starting at Body mass index to 25 kg/m2 age 20. O 150 minutes of exercise weekly. O Cholesterol below 200 mg/dl. O Blood pressure at 120/80 mg/Hg. O Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. O Reduce smoking, sugar, and salt. e THE MYTH A fever is the sign of a healthy IMMUNE SYSTEM 6 Fevers are healthy. Let them run their course to cook virus or bacteria. 9) The TRUTH Fevers, and other inflammations (sunburns, swelling) could contribute to the development of serious health complications, like + heart disease, + Alzheimer's, + diabetes, + or cancer. > Inflammations wear on the body much like rust breaks down a car's frame. es THE X PRESČRIPTION Treat inflammations rather than ignoring them. Exercise and eat a Owell-balanced diet to boost your body's ability to fight inflammation. es THE MYTH Snacking after 8pm contributes to X WEIGHT GAIN C If I eat after 8pm, I'll gain weight. > The TRUTH There is nothing magical about 8pm. > We're just more prone to snack on unhealthy foods in the evenings. R PRESČRIPTION es THE Avoid mindless eating anytime, especially snacks and sweets high in salt, fat, and sugar. e THE MYTH Coffee sobers you ENOUGH TO DRIVE C Lots of coffee after alcohol means sobriety for driving. 99 The TRUTH Caffeine is a stimulant and many help a little to counteract the sedative effect of alcohol, but not enough on its own to make it safe for you to drive. STOP • And it may just make you more jittery. THE PRESČRIPTION Wait a full hour per serving of alcohol for your liver to metabo- lize and neutralize before driving. 1 serving of beer: 12 оuпces - 1 hour 1 serving of wine: 6 ounces = 1 hour 1 serving of hard liquor: 1.5 ounces 1 hour e THE MYTH m O NEED LESS SLEEP You can train yourself to 66I can train my body to need less sleep.> TRUTH The ZZZ You cannot manipulate your body to need less sleep. Those who say they can get by on four hours a night are likely not aware of how sleep-deprived they actually are. • Sleep deprivation can cause weight gain and contribute to serious health problems, including cancer. e THE S PRESCRIPTION • Get plenty of exercise. • Keep a regular sleep schedule, » Do deep breathing, progressive relaxation, yoga, and visualization to aid with sleep. THE MYTH Cracking joints CAUSES ARTHRITIS 66 Knuckle cracking causes arthritis. 9 TRUTH The There is no evidence that links The popping noise is the displace- ment of air in the tendons, liga- ments, or joints. CRACK! cracking of joints and arthritis. • Knuckle cracking may be linked to increases in hand swelling and reduced grip strength. • The urge to crack comes from tight muscles, tendons, and ligaments. es THE PRESCRIPTION Do gentle stretching and hand strengthening exercises. SOURCES 100273021&imageindex 12

Fact or Myth The Truth Behind Common Health Knowledge

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We have a bunch of myths about health, thinks like being cold makes us sick and vaccines cause autism. This infographic takes a look at common health myths and provides the truth about them.



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