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THE PROBLEM HUNGER FOOD INSECURITY IS DEFINED AS 1 IN 4 1 IN 6 1 IN 2 CONTINUES TO BE A CHRONIC PROBLEM IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY LIMITED OR UNCERTAIN ACCESS TO ADEQUATE FOOD; HUNGRY OR AT RISK OF HUNGER." CHILDREN SENIORS LOW INCOME ADULTS ARE FOOD INSECURE IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY BIG PROBLEMS REQUIRE BIG SOLUTIONS THE LINK BETWEEN TM express bite POVERTY AND FOOD INSECURITY IN LOS ANGELES AIMS TO POVERTY END FOOD INSECURITIES IS DEFINED AS THROUGHOUT LOS ANGELES COUNTY! DEPRIVATION OF FOOD, SHELTER AND MONEY THAT OCCURS WHEN AN INDIVIDUAL OR FAMILY CANNOT MEET ITS BASIC NEEDS." Median income in Los Angeles is lower now than in 2007. Los Angeles has more workers who struggle to survive on poverty pay than any other metropolitan area in the country. Others live at or near poverty levels and survive only by working multiple THE LARGE AND GROWING NUMBER jobs and drawing on the support of families. OF FOOD INSECURE RESIDENTS IN POVERTY-DENSE AREAS OFTEN LACK QUALITY, FRESH FOOD. THE INEXPENSIVE ALTERNATIVES TEND TO BE LOW IN NUTRITIONAL VALUE AND HIGH IN PRESERVATIVES, FATS, SALT AND REFINED SUGAR. 19.1% OF THE LOS ANGELES COUNTY POPULATION IS LIVING IN POVERTY 28.3% OF CHILDREN IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY ARE LIVING IN POVERTY 633,473 CHEAP FOOD 1,870,813 For a household struggling to afford housing, utilities and other necessities, the additional burden of expensive food can have a significant impact on a household's budget. LOS ANGELES, combined with the serious health consequences facing these individuals, CONSTITUTES A MAJOR PUBLIC HEALTH CHALLENGE THE POVERTY RATE IN LOS ANGELES IS HIGHER THAN ANY OTHER MAJOR AMERICAN CITY, AND THE NUMBER IS RISING. Since 2007, The Number of People Living Below the Poverty Line Rose 4.4 Percentage Points – A Bigger Increase Than Any Other City With More Than One Million People. Over the Last Seven Years, L.A.'s Middle Class - Households Eaming More Than $25,000 And Less Than $200,000 – Has Contracted by 3.4 Percentage Points as A Share Of Total Population. THE express bite SOLUTION IN ORDER TO REACH THIS GOAL, EXPRESS BITE IS INTRODUCING THE "CHAMPIONS OF HEALTHY FOOD ACCESS" PROGRAM WHICH FEATURES THE "EXPRESS BITE MOBILE MARKET" TO ADDRESS THE UNDERLYING CAUSES OF FOOD INSECURITY, A SOCIAL ISSUE THAT HAS BEEN PROGRESSIVELY GETTING WORSE DURING THESE CHALLENGING ECONOMIC TIMES. The Express Bite "CHAMPIONS OF HEALTHY FOOD ACCESS" program is committed to eliminating food insecurities by reducing the disparities in access to healthy foods. We will promote healthier, more equitable communities by leading disruptive innovations with a multi-faceted approach that utilizes targeted distribution of locally-sourced produce and nutritious meals through our "EXPRESS BITE MOBILE MARKET" bus. In addition, the FOOD ACCESS STREET TEAM (FAST) will provide education, counseling and enrollment into social programs including CalFresh, WIC and the EXPRESS BITE MARKET MATCH. CHAMPIONS OF HEALTHY FOOD ACCESS CHAMPIONS OF HEALTHY FOOD ACCESS Program Participants Will Learn to Shop Smarter, Use Nutrition Information to Make Healthier Food Choices, and Learn to Cook Delicious Meals at Home. These Skills Enable Families to Stretch Their Limited Food Dollars to Eat Healthier Food. PROGRAM MISSION * REDUCE HUNGER IN LOS ANGELES BY CONNECTING FAMILIES IN NEED WITH NUTRITIOUS FOOD EXPRESS BITE MOBILE MARKET & "CHAMPIONS OF HEALTHY FOOD ACCESS" PROGRAM BENEFITS TO LOW-INCOME FAMILIES: MAXIMUM NUTRITION PER FOOD DOLLAR Eating Healthy Food Using Limited Resources Available to Low-Income Families * ENSURE HEALTHY FOOD ACCESS IS EQUITABLE TO ALL PEOPLE OF ALL INCOME LEVELS, PLACING PARTICULAR ATTENTION ON PROGRAMS THAT SERVE FOOD INSECURE CHILDREN AND SENIORS * IMPROVING ACCESS TO SOCIAL PROGRAMS INCLUDING EXPRESS BITE MARKET MATCH HEALTHCARE COST SAVINGS Preventing or Reducing Chronic Disease and Illness to Reduce Healthcare Costs Incuřred by a Family by Eating Healthier Foods * TRANSFORM THE LOS ANGELES FOOD ENVIRONMENT BY CONNECTING LOCAL LOS ANGELES AREA FARMERS WITH THE URBAN MARKETPLACE GREATER EDUCATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT Improved Academic Achievement and School Attendance Increased Likelihood of High School Graduation Through Improved Nutrition * SHAPE A LOCAL HEALTHY FOOD MOVEMENT * EDUCATE FAMILIES ON PREPARING HEALTHY AFFORDABLE MEALS INCREASED POTENTIAL ECONOMIC PRODUCTIVITY High School Graduates Have the Potential to Earn Higher Wages as Improved Health Can Avoid Income Lost Due to Sick Days * IMPROVE HEALTH-RELATED OUTCOMES The Success of the "CHAMPIONS OF HEALTHY FOOD ACCESS" Program will be MEASURABLE!! • CREATE NEW JOBS All of these will bring bottom line BENEFITS TO THE COMMUNITY - BETTER HEALTH, NEW JOBS, AND A REVITALIZED ECONOMY! • WILL STIMULATE LOCAL ECONOMY • REDUCE OBESITY AND POVERTY EXPRESS BITE MOBILE MARKET THE FOLLOWING ARE THE PROGRAM MECHANISMS THAT WILL ENSURE ACCESS AND ACHIEVE HEALTH EQUITY. ALL OF THE FOLLOWING COMBINED WILL POSITIVELY IMPACT HEALTH-RELATED CONDITIONS BY INCREASING ACCESS AND PROMOTING HEALTHY LIVING. The EXPRESS BITE MOBILE MARKET is an innovative way to provide direct food access using targeted distribution models such as mobile transportation to DISTRIBUTE A CULTURALLY DIVERSE MENU OF HEALTHY, FRESH ANDAFFORDABLE LOCALLY SOURCED PRODUCE AND READY-TO-EAT MEALS to Los Angeles's 1.75 Million Food Insecure Residents, prioritizing support to programs that serve children and seniors. delivered fresh daily free wifi TM express bite The EXPRESS BITE MOBILE MARKET will alter the environment where families residing in Food Deserts make their food shopping decisions in E favor of a Healthy Lifestyle and thereby REDUCE FOOD INSECURITIES. MOBILE MARKET Champions of Healthy Food Access GOOD FOOD AND COMMUNITY INCREASING ACCESS TO FOOD SYSTEMS GOOD FOOD Imagine a City Where All Children, Families and Communities Have Equitable Access to Good Food and Opportunity to Thrive. THIS IS THE VISION OF THE EXPRESS BITE "CHAMPIONS OF HEALTHY FOOD ACCESS" PROGRAM Communities Hold The Key To Improving Access To Good Food. The Express Bite "CHAMPIONS OF HEALTHY FOOD ACCESS" Program Helps To: • Build Value-based, Local Food Systems • Improves Access To Good Food In Low-income Communities • Encourages The Redesign Of Built Environments To Support A Healthier Lifestyle Express Bite works with Local Partners to Transform the Los Angeles Food Environment, Improve Community Access of Healthy Food and Strengthen the "Value Chain" of Local Food Systems from Field to Fork. Express Bite Works With Community Organizations That Are Increasing Good Food Choices In Low-Income Communities, Which Too Often Are "Food Deserts" Because Of The Lack Of Local Markets That Sell Fresh Fruit And Vegetables. Now is the Time to Work Together to ENSURE AN EQUITABLE AND HEALTHIER FUTURE for All Children, Families and Communities in Los Angeles! THE LOS ANGELES COUNTY FOOD INSECURITY / OBESITY PARADOX MORE THAN 1.75 MILLION LOS ANGELES COUNTY RESIDENTS ARE FOOD INSECURE Due to Disparities in the Distribution of Healthy Food, Many of Los Angeles's Food Insecure Families Also Struggle With Obesity. 18.9% OF THE POPULATION HUNGER AND OBESITY CAN COEXIST In the Same Individual, Family or Community, and Research Shows that Food Insecure Adults are More Likely to Be Overweight or Obese. Los Angeles County Faces $12 BİLLION IN HEALTH CARE AND LOST PRODUCTIVITY Due to Residents Being Overweight Obesity is the Most Prevalent, Chronic and Relapsing Disorder of the 21st Century. It is a Leading Cause of the Nation's Mortality, Healthcare Utilization and Healthcare Costs. ARE OVERWEIGHT OR OBESE IN L.A. COUNTY OF ADULTS OF OF 61% 42%CHILDREN 58% SENIORS 4 OUT OF 10 INDIVIDUALS IN LOS ANGELES ARE CALORIE RICH, BUT NUTRITION POOR They Simply Do Not Have The Same Opportunity To Make Healthy Food Choices As Residents Of Other Communities. THE KEY FACTORS IN THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN FOOD INSECURITY AND OBESITY ARE: Limited Resources and Lack of Access to Healthy, Affordable Foods Cycles of Food Deprivation and Overeating Fewer Opportunities for Physical Activity High Levels of Stress Greater Exposure to Marketing of Obesity-Promoting Products Evidence suggests that when low-income, food insecure consumers have access to healthy, affordable and local foods, they are more likely to consume those foods and establish or change to healthy eating habits. THE COMBINATION OF THESE FACTORS IS CLEARLY TAKING A TOLL ON THE HEALTH OF LOS ANGELES COUNTY RESIDENTS AND IS A MAJOR PUBLIC HEALTH CHALLENGE. express bite "CHAMPIONS OF HEALTHY FOOD ACCESS" Program Intends to Do Just That EXCESS WEIGHT AND HEART DISEASE BEING OVERWEIGHT OR OBESE CAUSES ADVERSE LEVELS OF BLOOD PRESSURE AND PROMOTES PLAQUE DEVELOPMENT IN ARTERIES Cholesterol Levels Increase Dramatically with Obesity and Cause Cardiovascular Disease CORONARY HEART DISEASE WAS NOT ONLY THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY, BUT WAS ALSO THE LEADING CAUSE OF PREMATURE DEATH. REDUCING INTAKE OF SATURATED FATS Most Commonly Found in Meat and Dairy Products and Used in Baked and Fried Foods CAN DRAMATICALLY LOWER CHOLESTEROL LEVELS. 415,000 LOS ANGELES COUNTY RESIDENTS HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH HEART DISEASE OBESITY IS GOING TO DRIVE A WHOLE NEW EPIDEMIC IN HEART DISEASE LIFESTYLE CHANGES ARE NEEDED IDEAL CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH Optimal Cholesterol Not Smoking Not Having Diabetes Healthy Diet expressbite Normal Blood Pressure Physical Activity LIQUID SUGAR SUGAR SWEETENED BEVERAGES IS A UNIQUE DRIVER OF TODAY'S SKYROCKETING DIABETES AND OBESITY EPIDEMICS. There is Overwhelming Evidence of the Link Between Obesity and the Consumption of Sweetened Beverages, Such as Soft Drinks, Energy Drinks, Sweet Teas and Sports Drinks. SUGARY BEVERAGES ARE THE NUMBER ONE SOURCE OF ADDED SUGARS and the Average Adult Consumes 45 GALLONS of Sugary Beverages Per Year. Drinking Just One Soda per Day Increases an Adult's Likelihood of Being Overweight by 27%. For Children, That Likelihood More Than Doubles to 55% OF ADOLESCENTS AGES 12-17 IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY 68% DRINK AT LEAST ONE SODA PER DAY AMERICANS CONSUMED AN AVERAGE OF OF SOUTH LOS ANGELES ADULTS 65% 765 GRAMS OF SUGAR EVERY 5 DAYS, OR 130 POUNDS EACH YEAR SUGAR CONSUMED AT LEAST ONE SUGAR-SWEETENED BEVERAGE DAILY 68% OF SOUTH LOS ANGELES CHILDREN CONSUMED SODA DAILY DIABETES RATES HAVE ALMOST TRIPLED OVER THE PAST THREE DECADES, JUST AS SODA CONSUMPTION DOUBLED. Maintaining a Healthy Weight, Consuming Healthy Foods and Beverages, Limiting Sugar Intake, and Exercising Regularly All Reduce One's Risk of Developing or Increasing the Severity of Type II Diabetes. OBESITY IS REVERSIBLE AND PREVENTABLE WITH IMPROVED DIET AND PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. express bite TYPE II DIABETES AND OBESITY TYPE II DIABETES IS A DISEASE DEFINED BY ELEVATED LEVELS OF GLUCOSE (SUGAR) IN THE BLOOD Glucose is an Important Source of Fuel for the Body and is Transported Into Our Cells by a Hormone Called Insulin. When Someone Doesn't Have Enough Insulin or Their Cells are Not Responding to it, Glucose Accumulates in the Blood. When Glucose Levels Get Too High, That is Considered Diabetes. As Glucose Levels Rise Over Time, The Blood Vessels Stiffen and Become Prone to Injury, Which Can Lead to Side Effects from Blindness and Kidney Disease to Heart Attack or Stroke. 压 LEADING RISK FACTORS FOR DEVELOPING TYPE II DIABETES Diabetes Most Often Affects Overweight and Older Adults, However, with the Rise in Childhood Obesity, It is Now Being More Widely Diagnosed in Children and Teens. Obesity and Being Overweight • Decreased Physical Activity Levels Increasing Diabetes Prevalence has been Found To Be A Primary Driver Of Increased Health Care Costs In Los Angeles County. Studies Have Shown That While ONE-THIRD OF ALL CHILDREN WILL DEVELOP TYPE II DIABETES; The Rate Is Much Higher For HISPANIC and AFRICAN-AMERICAN CHILDREN At About 50%. Patients With Diabetes Represented 33% Of Hospitalizations In The City Among Patients 35 Years Or Older. HOSPITAL 12.5% 24% OF LOS ANGELES COUNTY RESIDENTS 35 OR OLDER HAVE TYPE II DIABETES OF LOS ANGELES COUNTY SENIORS REPORTED HAVING BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH DIABETES, THE HIGHEST OF ANY AGE CATEGORY IN LOS ANGELES, OBESITY AND DIABETES RATES ARE 40% HIGHER FOR THOSE LIVING IN THE LEAST HEALTHY FOOD ENVIRONMENTS. express bite CHILDHOOD HUNGER IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY There are 650,480 Hungry Children in Los Angeles County and 28.3% Live Below the Federal Poverty Level. 1 IN 4 is Living in a Household Without Consistent Access to Nutritionally Adequate Food on a Regular Basis, Nearly Double that of the Second Most Food Insecure County. 26.8% OF HOUSEHOLDS WITH CHILDREN LIVING IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY ARE FOOD-INSECURE. י 1H4 !! Il 1 IN 4 Rates of Food Insecurity are Substantially Higher than the National Average Among Households with Incomes Near or Below the Federal Poverty Line. WHAT'S AT STAKE Lack of Nutritious Foods to Eat Causes: • More Behavioral, Emotional and Academic Problems Reduced Likelihood to Graduate from High School and Attend College • More Aggression and Anxiety Impaired Ability to Concentrate and Perform Well Negative Impact on Her Economic Future Reduced Likelihood to Earn Enough to Feed Her Family HELP US END CHILD HUNGER IN LOS ANGELES! THE EXPRESS BITE "CHAMPIONS OF HEALTHY FOOD ACCESS" PROGRAM CONNECTS KIDS IN NEED TO AN EFFECTIVE COMMUNITY-BASED NUTRITION PROGRAM AND ACHIEVES SUCCESS ENSURING ALL CHILDREN GET THE HEALTHY FOOD THEY NEED EACH DAY. Will Improve Health-Related Outcomes for Hungry Children and Their Families. Childhood Hunger is a MAJOR Problem in Los Angeles County - But It's Solvable. FOOD IS FUEL. WITHOUT IT, A CHILD CANNOT LIVE UP TO HER FULL POTENTIAL Food Insecurity Is Linked To: • Increased Hospitalizations Developmental Problems Headaches Stomach Aches And Even Colds When Children Eat Breakfast, They Tend to Consume More Nutrients and Experience Lower Obesity Rates. The Link Between Nutrition and Overall Health and Well-Being is Indisputable Food-Insecure Children are 90% More Likely to Have Their Overall Health Reported as "Fair/Poor" in comparison to Food-Secure Children 90211 Does Your Zip Code Matter More Than Your Genetic Code? HEALTHY FOOD ACCESS MATTERS!! 90001 M A Child's Zip Code Should Never Determine His or Her Destiny. But Today, The Neighborhood He or She Grows Up In Impacts The Child's Odds of Graduating High School, Health Outcomes and a Lifetime of Economic Opportunity. 86 YEARS 76 YEARS YOUR ZIP CODE LONG YOU LIVE BEVERLY HILLS FLORENCE GRAHAM Unincorporated Area in South LA 15 Miles Apart = 10 Year Disparity Life Expectancy is Calculated Using Birth Data, Mortality Data, and Population Estimates. DISPARITIES BETWEEN SOUTH AND WEST LOS ANGELES SOUTH LOS ANGELES HAS THE POOREST FOOD RESOURCE ENVIROMENT IN LOS ANGELES 33.1% 19.1% The Availability, Variety and Quality of Fresh Foods Found in South Los Angeles Are Inferior to the Fresh Foods Found in Other, More Affluent Areas of Los Angeles County as Reflected in the Comparison with West Los Angeles to the Left. Food Insecurity Rates 424,308 Number Of Food Insecure 123,693 UNEMPLOYMENT IS A STRONG RISK FACTOR FOR FOOD INSECURITY 35% Obese Adults 10% Over the Past Two Decades, A Place Known for Opportunity Has Lagged Behind Other Major Cities and The Nation Itself on Employment Measures and Job Creation. 30% Obese Children 15% LOS ANGELES RANKS LAST IN CALIFORNIA IN CREATING JOBS $13,243 Per Capita Income in 2012 $53,918 12.5% Diabetes Prevalence 6.2% NO JOB NO FOOD 72.2 YEARS Life Expectancy 84.2 YEARS 14.3% Unemployment 6% Los Angeles is the Largest U.S. City Where The Number of Jobs Has Actually Declined Since 1990 and its roughly 10% Unemployment Rate is the Highest for any Major U.S. City 28% Poverty Rate 11% 46% Adults Who Eat Fast Food At Least Once/Week 28% Children Who Eat Fast Food At Least Once/Week NUTRITIOUS, HEALTHY FOOD OPTIONS ARE SCARCE IN SOUTH LOS ANGELES 52% 32% xxX 65% Adults Who Drank One Or More Soda/Day 36% 68% Children Who Drank One Or More Soda/Day 39% Reported Eating The Recommended Five Servings Of Fruits And Vegetables/Day 6% 22% The Area Has A Disproportionately High Number Of Fast Food Chains, Liquor Stores And Convenience Stores Which Often Sell Processed, Non-Perishable Items. 51% Adults Who Reported Accessing Produce Was Difficult 4% express bite 10 FACTS ABOUT HUNGER IN LOS ANGELES LOS ANGELES COUNTY IS THE MOST FOOD INSECURE COUNTY IN THE COUNTRY 3 I TYPICALLY, HOUSEHOLDS CLASSIFIED AS HAVING $1,749,600 LOW FOOD SECURITY EXPERIENCED THE CONDITION IN ■ 出 SEVEN MONTHS OF THE YEAR, FOR A FEW DAYS IN EACH OF THOSE MONTHS. Los Angeles County Residents GO HUNGRY OR FACE FOOD INSECURITY At Some Point During The Year. Los Angeles County Households 1 IN 3 ARE FOOD INSECURE 5 There Are 650,480DREN 6 The Average Cost Per Meal In Los Angeles Is $3.27, Which Is 22% Above the National Average. HUNGRY $3.7 In Los Angeles County, Nearly Double That of the Second Most Food Insecure County. 7 The Typical FOOD SECURE 8 9 Food Insecure Individuals In Los Angeles County Reported Needing An Additional Food Budget Of $2.26 Per Person Per Day, $15.82 Per Week Or $68.74 Per Month To Afford A Minimally Adequate Diet. 10 Combined, All Food Insecure Families in Los Angeles County Report That They Are $844 Million Short In Their Budget Each Year In Order To Provide Their Families With Enough Food To Support A Healthy Life Household In Los Angeles Spent In 2014,The Typical Food Secure Household Spent 26% MORE FOR FOOD FOOD SECURE FOOD INSECURE FOOD STAMPS PROVIDE A $68.80 $58.80 $61.30 GOVERNMENT ALLOTMENT OF express bite PER MALE PER FEMALE PER CHILD Than The Typical Food Insecure Household Of The Same Size APPROXIMATELY $1.50 PER MEAL, PER PERSON. Each Week For Food 00 00

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