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Exposing an Invisible Injury: Understanding and Preventing Hearing Loss

EXPOSING AN INVISIBLE INJURY Understanding and preventing hearing loss 1000000 0,0 1.9 MILLION Veterans suffer from a SERVICE-RELATED hearing disability KNOW FREQUENT TURNING UP REQUESTS FOR THE THE VOLUME REPETITION SIGNS AVOIDANCE MUFFLED WITHDRAWAL OF SOCIAL HEARING FROM SITUATIONS CONVERSATIONS KNOW THE EFFECTS DEPRESSION SOCIAL INCREASED FATIGUE & ANXIETY ISOLATION RISK OF FALLING KNOW THE CAUSES DAL HEAD HEREDITY INJURY ILLNESS OTOTOXIC INFECTION MEDICATIONS LOUD NOISE HOW LOUD IS TOO LOUD? (ESTIMATED) 85dB Prolonged exposure will cause gradual hearing loss CITY TRAFFIC, VACUUM CLEANER 90dB 15 More than 15 minutes exposure can cause hearing los LAWN MOWER, BLOW DRYER 105dB MP3 PLAYER 115dB More than 1 minute exposure can cause hearing loss ROCK CONCERT 130 B JACKHAMMER 145dB GUNFIRE 155dB Immediate physical damage JET ENGINE 175dB BOMB BLAST PROTECT YOUR HE ARING WEAR HEARING TURN DOWN LIMIT EXPOSURE GET YOUR PROTECTION THE VOLUME TO LOUD NOISE HEARING TESTED 50% of all hearing loss cases are PREVENTABLE нҪЕ DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE HEARING CENTER OF EXCELLENCE @DODHCE HEARING.HEALTH.MIL /DODHCE SOURCES Departinent of Voters Alaies loss signs of hearing loss/index.cfm hup://www.herterthearing org/hearing fosstconsequences af heanng loss/index.chm littp://www.beterhnaring org/hearing loss/causes of bearing lass/index.chn. litp://www.dangerousdecihels.cirg educationtinformaion-centeri decitel-exposure tine guidelines htp:// gaide/hearing-loss prevention http//www.dangerousdevibels org (abour us/the soluoionst ittp //www.whn intinediscentrelfactsheets/100/en index inemt

Exposing an Invisible Injury: Understanding and Preventing Hearing Loss

shared by HearingHealth on May 02
This infographic provides an overview of the common causes and consequences of hearing loss. It provides tips to guard against noise-induced hearing loss, which is a persistent threat to the health an...


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