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Expenses over Kids

營 景 黃黃 量 業 景 黃黃 資 只賣 賽 景 業 景 景 景 Expenses over Kids HOSPITAL In 21st centurų it's never easy to plan a babų, as there are lots of things to be taken care with keeping the expenses in mind. Let's have a look at these expenses. Ναppies * Interesting FacTs Theoretically around 18,238 nappies are consumed every second. As per Egyptian and Roman culture diapers are existing since Adam and Eve had their first babŲ Nappies are also called diaper in many countries, which means a geometric pattern on fabric. First nappy was used in 1940s 1940s 0-1yr 1-2yr 2-3yr Around £ 70-150* per month Around £ 50-100* per month Around £ 25-75* per month FAQS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Why Diapers change its color? Because they have a litmus paper which checks the pH and indicate the color. Strongly Acidic Weakly Acidic Weakly Alkali Strongly Alkali PH Neutral Clothing *Interesting FacTs New born cloth's size never fits to a newborn babų Children dressed identically like adults till 1800 ad 0-1yr Around £ 150-250* per year 1-2yr 2-4yr Around £ 200-1000* per year Around £ 150-700* per year Lנ 4-5yr Around £ 200-1500* per year Footwears *Interesting FacTs Footwears were invented around 7500 years ago Kids foot size varų till 18 years When baby start walking they flex their feet 2500 times a day The weight of shoes increases twofold when walking, six times when running 0-2yr Around £ 20-100* per year 2-3yr Around £ (50-150* per year 3-4yr Around £ 75-200* per year 4-5yr Around £ 75-250* per year Food * Interesting FacTs Babies cannot digest solid food till 6 months of age Pumpkin is a fruit Apples are made up of 25% air Popcorns are existing since 6000 years Lemon contain more sugar than strawberries Peanuts are one of the ingredients in dynamite BABY FOOD MILK 0-2yr 2-3yr Around £ 100-300 per month 3-4yr Around £ 50-200 per month Around £ 150-400 per month 4-5yr Around £ 200-500 per month Babysitter Around £ 6-25 per hour Toys Interesting FacTs Dolls are considered to be the oldest toys in history The yo-yo is believed to be the second-oldest toy in the world It takes 63 feet of wire required to make a Slinkų The first toy advertised on television was Mr. Potato Head Barbie's full name is Barbra Millicent Roberts 0-2yr Around £ 0-500 per year 2-3yr Around £ 50-800 per year 3-4yr Around £ 100-1000 per year 4-5yr Around £ 200-2000 per year Medical You should always keep medical expenses in mind, it can be anything depending upon the medical complications. Few general expenses are as follows: Vaccination Cough and Cold Diarrhea Infections RIS Other Essentials Babų Carrier Crib Swing Car Seat Stroller Blankets Sports kits Movies Education Hangouts Electronic Games *NOTE: All the expenses are based on statistics obtained from internet, however actual expenses can vary based on the cost of living and standard of living. References: Jetset Kids Londonų_food

Expenses over Kids

shared by jetsetkidslondon on Aug 04
In 21st century it's never easy to plan a baby, as there are lots of things to be taken care with keeping the expenses in mind. Let's have a look at these expenses with this interesting visual graph.


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