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Exercise on boat Fitness IG

Get fit like a LEGEND! A workout you can do on your boat to get summer ready! 3 sets for each exercise number of repetitions below. ON-WATER CARDIO 5 to 10 MINUTES Cardio elevates your heart rate so you can burn more calories during your workout and for the rest of the day. Triceps and Shoulders SWIM PLATFORM TRICEP DIPS 15 REPS Using your resistance to lower your body into the water until arms are at a 90° angle then lift back up. Hamstrings and Glutes EXTENDA-DECK SQUAT 10 REPS Bending at the knees, perform a squat by lifting the bench up and releasing it back down slow and controlled Core BOAT POSE 30 SECONDS Hold a boat pose by lifting your arms straight in front of you and lifting your legs to the sky. Remember to breathe. Strengthen and tones tops of Shoulders SHOULDER PRESS KID FUN One shoulder press by gently throwing kids in water Upper back and Triceps SKI ROPE BENT OVER ROW 30 SECONDS Bend over slightly at the hips and pull the rope in while keeping elbows close to your body. Obliques (core) CASTING TORSO TWIST 10 REPS While standing, perform a torso twist by casting and not moving your feet. Lats, Shoulders, Biceps, Upper back BOW CHIN UP 10 REPS Pull your body up as far as you can and release down slow and controlled. Biceps BASS-CEP CURL 20 REPS Holding one bass in each hand by the mouth, curl your arms up and then down. Disclaimer: This routine is just a fun way to get our customers moving this summer and is in no way a researched and trainer approved workout. For more fishing and boating resources, visit LEGE ND. BOAIS

Exercise on boat Fitness IG

shared by mglinfographic on Apr 08
This infographic was commissioned by legend boats for the promotion of their new boat type, this infographic gives the various positions on the boat that helps facilitates exercise, the infographic ou...


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