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Everything You Need to Know About Hangovers

НАИGOVERS Did you Drink too Much? Last Night, Did You Hear... And Now You Have... "1 More Shot!" "4 Day Recovery" 75% "2 A.M. Isn't late!" "5 Alarm Pain" "3 Day Weekend! Let's Party" "6 Unwanted Side Effects" of people have suffered from a hangover CAUSED BY TOXIMS The Hangover Effects The Anotomy of a Hangover Brain's blood vessels dilate, causing a throbbing headache. Dehydration can cause the brain to pull from its lining, intensifying the pain A heavy bout of drinking affects nearly every system of the body for up to 24 hours. A look at the body's reaction to a large dose of alcohol: Pituitary gland releases improper amóunts of several hormones, disrupting the brain's circadian rhythm (which makes sleep feel less restful) and interfering with normal kidney function Throat and mouth feel dry and scratchy because of dehydration Central nervous system becomes chemically overexcited, causing sweating, tremors and sensitivity to light, sound and touch Muscles become weak from dehydration and low blood sugar levels Pancreas increases production of digestive chemicals causing pain, nausea, and vomiting Heart can become inflamed, start beating with abnormal rhythm or even stop beating Liver builds up fatty and lactic acids, impairing the body's ability to metabolize sugar. The resulting low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) can cause weakness and mood disturbances Kidneys fail to reabsorb water, causing increased urination and dehydration Stomach lining become inflamed, delaying digestion; excess gastric acid contributes to nausea SOURCE: Alcohol Hangover: Mechanism and Mediator, by Dr. Robert Swift and Dana Davidson Alcohol Health and Research World, Vol, 22 No. 1, 1999: Dr. Fred Freytag National Headache Foundation Alcohol contain congeners, a toxic byproducts of fermentation. Studies have shown that congeners increase the severity of a hangover. Alcohol also causes the liver to produce ACETCDEHYDE, a byproduct of processing alcohol. Acetcdehyde is more toxic than alcohol itself. HOW TO MAAGE? Here are a few steps you could take... Eat Fatty Foods Before Drinking Eating fatty foods before you drink can help your body reduce the absorption of alcohol and fend off the effects of hangovers. Eating falty foods after drinking may only increase your nausea to an already upset stomach. Take zeolite capsules while drinking While meant for general detoxification, zeolite can actually lessen the effects of a hangover or prevent it altogether if taken while drinking. Start with 6 capsules of Zeolite-AV for every 3 drinks. The zeolite will absorb free radicals and toxins, lessening the amount your liver has to filter after a night on the town. 0HEAOH DO NOT take a pain tablet before you go to bed This was once thought to be a safe way to combat headaches caused by hangovers, but alcohol disrupts how the liver processes acetaminophen. Taking pain pills while alcohol is still in the system can cause permanent liver damage. It is best to take a pain tablet the morning after, and not the night of. Hair of the Dog... While making you feel better initially, drinking more alcohol the morning after a binge will only delay the effects and ulimately make the hangover worse. Coffee with Burnt Toast Although Activated Carbon is used as a toxin remover, the carbon that is present on burned food is not the same. Coffee is a stimulant and may initially help with the headache, but it is also a diuretic, meaning it will make you lose any water in your body faster than if you consume any other non-caffinated (and non-alcoholic!) beverage. Hydrate with Water or Fruit Juice. Eat fruit (bananas) and eggs. Vitamins and nutrients in all natural fruit juice will replenish your body's depeleted resources and help with hydration. Eating bananas the morning after provides lost electrolytes and replenishes the potassium lost to alcohol's diuretic effect. Good old fashioned water is the best bet for replacing any lost hydration due to alcohol. Eating eggs the morning after a binge provides energy and they contain large amounts of cysteine, the substance that breaks down the hangover- causing toxin acetaldehyde. DRIMK RESPONSIBLY The only way to totally prevent a hangover is not to drink. If you do drink, please drink responsibly. Alcohol poisoning is a potentially deadly medical emergency. Symptoms of alcohol poisoning include: Confusion, stupor, vomiting, seizures, slow &/or irregular breathing, low body temperature, bluish skin If you witness someone with some of these symptoms you should take them to the emergency room most urgently. Sources: Alcohol hangover: Mechanisms and Mediators by Robert Swift, M.D.; Dena Davidson, Ph.D. -- The Mayo Clinic -- WebMD - ZEO Health Ltd., 159 Route 303, Valley Cottage NY, 10989 -- в Facebok f Twitter

Everything You Need to Know About Hangovers

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All the hangover information you will need.


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