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Everyone’s Doing It: What Today’s Teens Think About Marijuana

EVERYONE'S DOING IT WHAT TODAY'S TEENS THINK ABOUT MARIJUANA Marijuana use and acceptance is on the rise in the United States with 18 states as well as the District of Columbia decriminalizing pot smoking. Weed is quickly becoming the new cool thing to do for America's Teens and their parents need to know what Teens think about marijuana. AMERICAN TEENS THAT THINK MARIJUANA USE IS DANGEROUS LESS THAN 55% 40% Less and less teens think there is a risk in using weed 2003 2014 TEEN MARIJUANA USE IS AT A 30 YEAR HIGH 36% 6.5% of High School Seniors smoke pot everyday of High School Seniors have smoked weed in the last year. 12% 13-14 Year olds use marijuana NEW WAYS TEENS USE WEED: HONEY OIL, is a thick liquid made from dissolving hashish or marijuana in solvents like acetone, alcohol, butane, or petroleum ether. It is so strong it can cause paranoia and Teens are smoking it in public places, even on school campuses, using a small device called a VAPOR PEN that doesn't require a lighter and does not release a smell hallucinations. TEENS, BEER, WEED AND DRIVING Teens are already not great drivers but now more and more kids are combining their lack of road experience with drinking and smoking pot. Car accidents are now the leading 16-19 YEARS OLD cause of death for people between Drivers 16 and up admitted to driving while on an illicit drug: 10.3 MILLION Marijuana is the second most common found in the blood of teens that are driving impaired Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs has revealed U.S. high school stu- dents who in engage in the simultaneous use of alcohol and marijuana are more likely to practice unsafe driving even when they are not impaired. MARIJUANA AND THE TEENAGE BRAIN/BODY Studies show that early marijuana use may increase your risk of developing psychosis if you have a genetic vulnerability to the disease. Researchers say from 2006 to 2010 they found 35 reports of patients who experienced heart complications after using marijuana - including 20 heart attacks and nine Amotivational syndrome, this psychological condition causes people to become less oriented towards their goals and purposes in life, as well as deaths. seem less focused in general. WHAT PARENTS CAN DO TO TALK TO THEIR TEENS ABOUT DRUGS Parents need to be involved in their teen's lives' and here are a few ways to do that: If your teen has problem or makes a mistake, talk about it right then. Talk to your teens about drugs and alcohol abuse BEFORE middle school Have clear boundaries thạt your teens know about and understand Always be positive and let you kids know you will love 4 them no matter what! 5 Hangout and spend quality time with your teen If you get stuck and don't know what to do call a therapist 6. or counselor HELPYOURTEENNOW

Everyone’s Doing It: What Today’s Teens Think About Marijuana

shared by hytnoutreach on May 30
With the recent legalization for marijuana in states like Colorado and Washington, teens are beginning to change the way they feel about smoking weed. Studies conducted in the last two years are start...


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