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Essential Oils Sorted by Skin Type

Essential Cils Sorted by Skin Туре Presented By: Defense Soap SKIN FACTS Your skin sheds 50,000 cells every minute. Every 28 days skin renew itself. Your skin accounts for 15% of your bodyweight 2 Types of skin i.e. hairy and glabrous #1 skin is human body's largest organ Your skin has it's own bacteria biome of over 1000 Species For Oily Skin These oils have properties that tend, to regulate and normalize oil production Bergamot Geranium Суpress Orange Lemon Lime These gils can be added to your moisturįzer to calmn and For Blemishes prevent bregkouts, and can also, be applied straight as' 'a spot treatment Tea Tree Lavender Patchouli Geranium Vetiver For Dry Skin f your skin tends tọ be dry, and chapped a deeply moisturizing oil like, is a good base Cedarwood Geranium Myrrh Sandalwood Palmarosa For Aging Skin for aging skin that tends to "be to prone wrinkles and sagging. Essential, Oils are some of the best oils Суpress Sandalwood Lavender Frankincense Rose Palmarosa For Combination Skin These are some, of, the beşt essential bils for skin that tends to be both dry and oily Patchouli Lavender Bergamot Orange For Dark Spots Some,of the best es şential oils for skin that haş red marks or dark, spots are here Frankincense Sandalwood Lavender Palmarosa Сypress Rose References: DEFENSE FENS DEFEN different-skin-conditions I DefenseSoap Defend what you have built.

Essential Oils Sorted by Skin Type

shared by eviedawson22 on Mar 22
Essential Oils are natural and healthy for skin. Here is an infographic sorted by Skin Type.


Evie Dawson


Evie Dawson



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