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Endurance Sports Are Unhealthy

ENDURANCE SPORTS ARE UNHEALTHY Ironman triathlons + Crossfit games + Ultra-runs = DEPLETED HORMONES, OVERSTRESSED HEARTS, & BROKEN GUTS REPETITIVE CARDIAC IKJURY (AND OTHER CONSEQUENCES, Brain fog Low testosterone Disruption of electrical rhythms." (men) & low progesterone • (women) Enlarged Holes in the Heart heart Thickening and scarring of the heart's Abnormal heart connective tissue rhythms Calcium buildup in Sleep disruption ar ries Digestive Increased troubles body fat Sore joints SOME EXERCISE Is GooD, BUT MORE IS NOT BETTER Completion of an People who exercised regularly event such as an Ironman triathlon experienced significant benefits, including the ability to live seven years was shown to cause structural heart changes and elevations longer than those of "cardiac who were not inflammatory physically active. biomarkers'". Smart healthy living combined with the informed application of exercise When the data of and nutrition extreme endurance science can allow athletes was isolated, for enhanced performance it was found that the health effects with minimal of regular physical activity became less pronounced, and were instead replaced training time and maximum longevity. by significant heart EXAMPLES: •Distance running legend Micah True died while on a damage. Cardiac remodeling induced by trail run from cardiomyopathy due to an enlarged heart. excessive exercise Ironman triathlete can lead to Torbjorn Sindalle was forced into unexpected heart rhythm abnormalities, retirement due to premature wearing of his bicuspid valve. • Emma Carney- Australian former profes- and in extreme endurance sports, this has been sional triathlete and two associated with time World Triathlon Cham- as much as a five- pion: cardiac arrest in 2004, diagnosed with ventricular tachycardia (electrical abnormality in heart) and had to have a pacemaker fold increase in the prevalence of serious heart fitted for life. problems – • Other examples include Ray Shay, Steve Lar- especially when the son, Eddy Merckx, Hamish Carter, Sam Warri- ner, Greg Welch, Hayden Roulston, & Norman Stadler. Formore information visit cardiac damage is repeated year-after- year as a habitual occurrence. View Full Article at |

Endurance Sports Are Unhealthy

shared by pacificfit on Oct 04
Ben Greenfield teaches you everything you need to know to how on dominate your endurance performance without destroying your body.


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