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Embracing the sounds of music

EMBRACING THE Sounds of Music "Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence." Robert Fripp, composer MOST MUSIC AFICIONADOS CAN AGREE there's very little that tugs on the heartstrings like a good melody. FROM BREAKUP BALLADS TO EMPOWERING INDIE POP, MUSIC IS THE ONE UNIFYING LANGUAGE THAT VIBRATES SOLIDARITY ACROSS THE WORLD. Music is universal. It exists in all cultures and societies. It is rooted deep in the minds (or souls) of human beings as an aura of some sort, a transcendent force that breaks the barriers of race, sex, religion, culture, attitude, and more." HEALTH & HARMONY 5 AMAZING BENEFITS OF MUSICAL EXPOSURE! 1 ELEVATES MOOD SIMILAR TO DRUGS, MUSIC DIRECTLY AFFECTS THE CHEMICALS IN OUR BRAIN THAT ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EMOTIONAL RESPONSES. ACCORDING TO A RECENT STUDY RELEASED BY MENTAL HEALTH CHARITY, MIND.ORG.UK, NEARLY 1/3 OF SURVEYED PARTICIPANTS TUNED INTO MUSIC AT WORK TO: INCREASE THEIR MOOD REDUCE ANXIETY HELP FOCUS ON TASKS "THE EFFECT OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF MUSIC ON MOOD WILL LARGELY DEPEND ON PEOPLE'S INDIVIDUAL PREFERENCEISI AND EXPERIENCE." REPAIRS BRAIN DAMAGE RESEARCH SHOWS THAT PATIENTS WITH LEFT-SIDE BRAIN DAMAGE WHO ARE UNABLE TO COMMUNICATE ARE OFTEN ABLE TO SING WORDS, INSTEAD. MELODIC INTONATION THERAPY : “A therapeutic process used by music therapists and speech pathologists to help patients with communication disorders caused by damage to the brain's left hemisphere." 99 Wikipedia LANGUAGE FUNCTIONS ARE LOCATED IN THE LEFT BRAIN, BUT MUSIC RECOGNITION STILL THRIVES ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN. IN OTHER WORDS, HUMANS CAN TRAIN THE BRAIN TO MOVE SUCH FUNCTIONS TO THE RIGHT SIDE BY ASSOCIATING MUSIC WITH LANGUAGE! 3 BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM MUSIC REDUCES STRESS BY REDUCING CORTISOL LEVELS, A CHEMICAL IN YOUR BRAIN THAT CAUSES YOU TO FEEL STRESS. GENRES PROVEN ESPECIALLY EFFECTIVE AT REDUCING STRESS AND INCREASING IMMUNE HEALTH INCLUDE : SOFT ROCK BLUEGRASS JAZZ REDUCES SEIZURES EXPERIMENTATION WITH OTHER FORMS OF MUSIC HAS BEEN MINIMAL, BUT STUDIES INDICATE THERE APPEARS TO BE A CONNECTION BETWEEN: THE HUMAN BRAIN + PIANO MUSIC IT'S BEEN SHOWN THAT PIANO MUSIC BY MOZART CAN REDUCE SEIZURE-CAUSING ACTIVITY IN THE BRAIN WITHIN 5 MINUTES OF MUSICAL EXPOSURE. 5 RESTORES "LOST" MEMORIES Medical practitioners have found that music has the potential to conjure up memories for patients, including those in the latter stages of dementia. LISTENING TO MUSIC ENGAGES MUSIC ALSO ENGAGES THE HIPPOCAMPUS, MANY AREAS OF THE BRAIN IN BOTH A REGION OF THE BRAIN THAT'S RESPONSIBLE HEMISPHERES, WHICH IS WHY IT STIMULATES FOR LONG-TERM MEMORY STORAGE. BRAIN ACTIVITY MORE SO THAN OTHER METHODS (IE. CONVERSATIONS). ON A MUSICAL NOTE The chills that occur when listening to music are caused by the release of dopamine in the body. A person's heartbeat can change and mimic the pattern of the music that's currently playing. The average person can't tell the difference between music played through $100 cables or wire hangers. Listening to music while working out measurably improves physical performance. Science indicates that a person doesn't prefer the original version of a song because it's necessarily better, but rather it's the first version to leave a lasting imprint. Doctors have prescribed music to treat Parkinson's disease and strokes. Studying music can actually rewire the human brain. Flowers are able to grow faster, just by musical exposure. A person's favorite song is generally due to the song's association with an emotional event in their life. The genre of music a person listens to may affect the way he or she perceives the world. Playing an instrument can raise one's IQ up to five points. Surgeons operate better while listening to music. "The only truth is music" Jack Kerouac BROUGHT TO YOU BY LYRICS sources:

Embracing the sounds of music

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Music is a universal form of self-expression with the capacity to evoke some serious sentiments. From hip-hop beats that inspire a gym workout, to that Natalie Imbruglia album because it reminds you o...


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