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Effects of Radiation Exposure Infographics

EFFECTS OF RADIATION EXPOSURE EXPERTS SAY EVEN SMALL RADIATION DOES, AS LOW AS 100 MILLISIEVERTS (MSV), CAN ALIGHTLY RAISE CANCER RISK EXPOSURE IN MSV 10,000 Single dose, fatal within weeks 5,000 Single dose; would kill half of those exposed within a month 1,000 Single dose could cause radiation sickness; nausea, but not death Pecemmonde 100 Recommended limit for radiation workers every five years 16.00 CT scan, heart 10.00 CT scan, full body 2.00 Radiation most people are expo- sed to per year 0.01 Dental x-ray BRAIN Fatigue, nausea HAIR FOLLICLES Hair loss INTESTINE LINING Diarrhea, malnutrition SKIN CELLS Sores, peeling BONE MARROW Immune system failure LATER DNA DAMAGE in cell nucleus EGG AND SPERM CELLS with damaged DNA can SURVIVAL MASTERY produce babies with birth defects develop tumors or abnormal growth; blood cell damage can lead to leukemia BODY CELLS Source: WHITE BLOOD CELLS Immune system failure

Effects of Radiation Exposure Infographics

shared by samuelsamuel on Feb 12
Infographics shows effects of radiation exposure including comparison in MSV.


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