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Effects of Cell Phones on Human Health

EFFECTS OF CELLPHONES ON HUMAN HEALTH Whenever cell phones are turned on, they emit electromagnetic radiation, even if they are in stand-by mode. Areas of the body near the phone are exposed to harmful radiation. There are several side-effects that come from the exposure: BRAIN Impaired Brain Function Fatigue Memory Loss There is also a study that shows that there is a Cell phone use can CANCER possible risk of glioma (a brain tumor) f or heavy cell phone users. boost the metabolism Brain Cancer of brain glucose in specific areas. Headaches The International Agency for Research on Cancer, a part of World Health Organization, classified radiofrequency as possibly carcinogenic. Since brain cells use Alzheimer's Disease sugar for energy, glucose metabolism is a direct indicator of brain activity. There is about 7% rise in glucose metabolism in the brain area that is closest to the phone. The increase happens EYES Blurry Vision Despite several studies are still ongoing, there are no convincing evidence that cellphones increase cancer risk. However, it is advisable to limit cellphone use, or at least place it away from the head. when a phone is used for 50 minutes. BONES The most affected areas are the orbitofrontal cortex and Neck Pain temporal pole, which involve memory and other cognitive skills. CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM Risk For Heart Conditions Leukemia Men who put their cell phones in their pockets or hang them on their belts have lower sperm counts and/or have less active sperms. DIGESTIVE SYSTEM The consistency of recent studies increases the possibility that cell- phone radiation contributes significantly to reproductive health problem. Changes In Metabolism Enzyme Changes Men who have phones in hip pockets have 11% fewer active sperm that those who keep phones elsewhere. REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM Birth Defects ! The human skin cannot easily detect the heating from cell phones. Therefore, users can absorb significant amounts of radiofrequency without being aware of it. Children's bone marrow absorbs TEN TIMES more of the radiation than adults. The University Hospital in Orebro shows that children and teenagers are more prone to get brain cancer if they use cell phones. People under the age of 20 have more than five times increase in glioma. Studies show that children are at greater risk than adults. According to a study in the Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine journal, children absorb more cell phone Children under 12 should not use phones unless it is emergency & teenagers should limit their use of phones. radiation than adults. It is because children have thinner and small skulls than adults. PSYCHOLOGICAL AND SOCIAL EFFECTS Answering a phone call creates a sense of obligation to the phone itself and it outweighs the sense of obligation to people near the user. Therefore, lessens the ability of the user to communicate to those around them - The Open Communication Journal 6% of US citizens believe they do not have significant relationships in their lives. cell phone users are 12% larger than those of non-cell phone users - Pew Internet Project and the University of Pennsylvania Younger people who are outgoing but have self-esteem issues are most likely to develop addictive cell phone use behaviors - CyberPsychology and Behavior 2005 f Like Us eCycle Best 84 Coney Island Drive Sparks, NV 89431 * Follow Us

Effects of Cell Phones on Human Health

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Touted as one of the greatest inventions created by man, cell phones have revolutionized communication all over the world. However, there are also potential health issues that come from frequent use o...


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