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The Economy of Counterfeit Drugs

THE ECONOMICS OF COUNTERFEIT DRUGS When you take a prescription drug, you're seeking relief from an ailment. Whatever that ailment may be, it's interfering with your daily life, your productivity, and your general wellbeing. So if you take a prescription drug that isn't what you thought it was, and it doesn't give you relief-maybe it even makes you feel worse-what's to blame? Learn about the prevalence of counterfeit and substandard drugs, what they're made of, where they're coming from and what is being done about it. HOW MANY DRUGS ARE COUNTERFEIT? WHAT IS IN COUNTERFEIT DRUGS? 10% of medicines/pharmaceuticals in the United States. 60% don't have any active ingredients 25% of medicines/pharmaceuticals in developing countries- this includes substandard medications. 17% have inaccurate dosages of correct ingredients 16% have incorrect ingredients 50% of medicines/pharmaceuticals sold through websites. EARNINGS FROM COUNTERFEIT AND SUBSTANDARD DRUG TRADE $32 billion Estimate of annual global earnings from fake or substandard medication. $75 billion Estimate of annual earnings from drug counterfeiting. DRUG SEIZURES FACTS + FIGURES Pfizer lawyers seized firer fier 8.3 million doses BR100GR 100 of counterfeit drugs in 2010. FAKE VS. VIAGRA CAN YOU TELL Viagra accounted for 57% of that. THE DIFFERENCE? COUNTERFEIT DRUG INCIDENTS + RESULTS Drug Type Report Country, Year Contained 6x the normal dose of glibenclamide Anti-diabetic traditional medicine (used to lower blood sugar) China, 2009 Two people died Nine people hospitalized Fake versions discovered in 40 pharmacies lacked sufficient active ingredient United Republic of Tanzania, 2009 Metakelfin (antimalarial) Viagra and Cialis (erectile dysfunction) Fake versions smuggled into Thailand from an unknown source in an unknown country Thailand, 2008 Xenical (for fighting obesity) Fake versions sold in the US via websites operated United States, 2007 elsewhere, but contained no active ingredient INCIDENT TRENDS BY YEAR (TOTAL NUMBER, 2002-2010) 2,003 2,054 1,759 1,834 1,412 1,123 964 484 196 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 INCIDENT TRENDS BY REGION 'each bottle represents 10 incidents Europe 327 North America i 201 Asia 1,073 Eurasia 255 Africa 48 Latin America Near East 138 348 SOURCES statistics php http://www.who int/er http://www.nabo net programs/consumer-protection/buyng-medicine-online counterfeit-drugs http://www.pfcor.cominvestors/financial_reports/annual_reports/2009ob-goals jop http://www.who.intimediacentretactaheets/f75/en/index.html roge_en paf CARRINGTON COLLEGE For comprehensve consumer information http//carington.edulce/programs/pharmacy-technology O 2011 Carrington College

The Economy of Counterfeit Drugs

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Most people depend on pharmacies, hospitals and other health care facilities to give them the right kinds of medications, right? Did you know, however, what you’re putting in your body could actuall...


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