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Eating Disorder infographic

Eating Disorders Among Students: The Facts Students suffering from eating disorders are not alone. 1-2% women are thought to be anorexic at any one time The group most commonly affected by anorexia are young women in education aged between 15-25 women aged between 15 and 30 suffers from anorexia in the UK But eating disorders are not an exclusively female issue. 10-25% 66% increase Eating disorders among males are most likely to arise between the ages of 14-25 people experiencing eating disorders are male in hospitalisation of men in England with eating disorders over the last ten years Teenagers struggle to spot the risk signs that suggest eating disorders among their peers. "Several of the attitudes and behaviours characteristic of disordered eating are commonplace in the lives of young women. So, being overly concerned with body weight, shape and eating, dieting, refusing to eat certain foods, alternating fasting with episodes of overeating and regularly exercising do not seem out of place." Professor Andrew Hill, Chartered Psychologist from the University of Leeds 33% I0% Females are more likely to spot signs of disordered eating than males women fear weight gain and lose control over eating women binge and purge Managing the move to university The move to a new environment may have a detrimental effect on those with pre-existing AN. It is difficult for students with eating disorders to have a structured eating regime and those with ritualised eating habits may find these disrupted. A highly pressured academic environment may also exacerbate the eating disorder. SIGNS OF Eating Disorders • Obsession with body weight / being overweight • Only eating certain types of food • Picking at food • Use of the bathroom immediately after eating • Making excuses not to eat at meal times • Rapid fluctuations in weight (weight loss or weight gain) • Mood swings • Excessive use of exercise If you know someone that may be suffering with an eating disorder, call us on 0800 0810700 for free confidential information. SOURCES Disorders.pdf LIFE WORKS DEDICATED T0 RECOVERY

Eating Disorder infographic

shared by rudi123 on Oct 26
An infographic with stats on eating disorders and how they effect teens and young adults.


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