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Eat Well to Be Well: ADHD and Nutrition

Eat Well to Be Well: ADHD & NUTRITION What to Feed Your Child with ADHD Essential Fatty Acids > Found in fish, flax seeds, and nuts > Omega-3 fatty acids can be obtained through supplements like fish oil " Good" fats improve brain function and aid in synapse firing Protein > Found in eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds, lean meats, and more > Small amounts throughout the day help balance energy > Include protein at every meal and at snack time Calcium and Magnesium > Found in dairy prodUcts, green leafy vegetables, and whole grains > Calcium improves impulse transmission > Magnesium aids in function of muscles, nerves, and energy metabolism What Not to Feed Your Child with ADHD SUGAR SODA • Increases hyperactivity and creates spikes in blood sugar levels • All sugars have a similar negative effect on children with ADHD • Read ingredient labels to make sure there aren't hidden sugars BLOOD SUGAR Artificial Flavors and Colors • Found in sweet and salty foods • Even additives approved as “safe" aren't good for your child • Specifically avoid red and yellow food coloring Hydrogenated Oils "Bad" fats interfere with healthy brain function • Avoid saturated and trans fats-read nutrition labels! • Shop the perimeter of the grocery store to avoid processed, unhealthy foods Infographic provided by: BRAIN BALANCE CAROLINAS Brain Balance Sources: d/5-foods-to-feed-your-child-with-adhd%E2%80%94and-5-to-avoid-1#1 d/5-foods-to-feed-your-child-with-adhd%E2%80%94and-5-to-avoid-1#3 /diseases/adh- d/5-foods-to-feed-your-child-with-adhd%E2%80%94and-5-to-avoid-1#4 5steedestesteeda d/5-foods-to-feed-your-child-with-adhd%E2%80%94and-5-to-avoid-1#6 d/5-foods-to-feed-your-child-with-adhd%E2%80%94and-5-to-avoid-1#7 d/5-foods-to-feed-your-child-with-adhd%E29%80%94and-5-to-avoid-1#8

Eat Well to Be Well: ADHD and Nutrition

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Feeding your child small amounts of protein throughout the day can help him or her balance energy. You can find protein in eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds, and lean meats. Learn more about nutritional needs ...


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