Eat For Energy: Vitamins and Minerals to Banish Fatigue

EAT FOR ENERGY VITAMINS & MINERALS TO BANISH FATIGUE Certain vitamins and minerals, often missing from nutritionally-poor diets, are necessary to maintain and boost energy levels. IRON HOW IT BOOSTS ENERGY Iron carries oxygen from red blood cells to tissues and muscles. SOURCES INCLUDE Garbanzo beans Kidney beans Lentils Lima beans Navy beans Olives Sesame seeds Soybeans Spinach Swiss chard B VITAMINS HOW IT BOOSTS ENERGY They help convert food to energy and is essential for growth, development, and other important bodily functions. B VITAMINS INCLUDE VITAMIN BI VITAMIN B2 (THIAMINE) (RIBOFLAVIN) SOURCES INCLUDE SOURCES INCLUDE Barley Black beans Almonds Asparagus Navy beans Peas Beet greens Crimini mushrooms Oats Sunflower Eggs Soybeans seeds VITAMIN B3 Spinach Yogurt (NIACIN) SOURCES INCLUDE VITAMIN B5 (PANTOTHENIC ACID) SOURCES INCLUDE Beef Brown rice Avocados Chicken Chicken Lamb Lentils Peas Peanuts Salmon Shiitake Sweet Sardines Shrimp mushrooms potatoes Tuna Turkey Turkey Yogurt VITAMIN B6 VITAMIN B7 (PYRIODOXINE) (BIOTIN) SOURCES INCLUDE SOURCES INCLUDE Almonds Carrots Bananas Beef Eggs Oats Chicken Potatoes Onions Peanuts Salmon Spinach Sweet Sunflower Sweet Salmon potatoes seeds potatoes Tuna Turkey Tomatoes Walnuts VITAMIN B9 VITAMIN B12 (FOLIC ACID) (COBALAMIN) SOURCES INCLUDE SOURCES INCLUDE Asparagus Broccoli Beef Cod Garbanzo Enriched bread, cereal, and other grain products beans Lamb Milk Lentils Navy beans Salmon Sardines •::: Papayas Pinto beans Scallops Shrimp Spinach Strawberries Tuna Yogurt MAGNESIUM HOW IT BOOSTS ENERGY Supports a healthy immune system and prevents inflammation SOURCES INCLUDE Black beans Cashews Navy beans Pumpkin seeds Quinoa Sesame seeds Soybeans Spinach Swiss chard Sunflower seeds POTASSIUM HOW IT BOOSTS ENERGY It is an electrolyte that regulates blood pressure, muscle activity, and water retention. SOURCES INCLUDE Avocados Beet greens Lima beans Lentils Pinto beans Potatoes Soybeans Spinach Sweet potatoes Swiss chard VITAMINC HOW IT BOOSTS ENERGY Helps produce carnitine, a molecule that helps the body burn fat for energy SOURCES INCLUDE Bell peppers Broccoli Brussels sprouts Cantaloupe Cauliflower Kiwi Oranges Papaya Pineapple Strawberries ZINC HOW IT BOOSTS ENERGY Affects protein synthesis and is necessary for red and white blood cell functioning SOURCES INCLUDE Beef Cashews Garbanzo beans Lamb Lentils Pumpkin seeds Quinoa Sesame seeds Shrimp Turkey CALCIUM HOW IT BOOSTS ENERGY Required for lipid oxidation SOURCES INCLUDE Collard greens Milk Sardines Sesame seeds Spinach Tofu Turnip greens Yogurt COPPER HOW IT BOOSTS ENERGY Helps your body absorb iron, make red blood cells, and keeps nerve cells and your immune system healthy. SOURCES INCLUDE Cashews Garbanzo beans Lentils Lima beans Shiitake Sesame seeds mushrooms Soybeans Sunflower seeds Tempeh Walnuts A HEALTHY DIET OF FRUITS, VEGETABLES, LEAFY GREENS, NUTS, BEANS, AND SEEDS can supply you with the vitamins and minerals you need to stay energized all day. FIX .com

Eat For Energy: Vitamins and Minerals to Banish Fatigue

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Did you know potassium is an electrolyte that regulates blood pressure, muscle activity and water retention? Learn how to boost energy through foods with this guide.




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