Easily Increase Your Speed, Strength, & Agility

Easily Increase Your Speed, Strength, and Agility 25 * Exercising helps fight up to 25 health problems. TOWARM UP! * KNEELING EXTENSION ROTATION A proper varm-up gets the blood flowing. delivers important nutrients and oxygen to the muscles, and delays fatigue so you get the most out of your training session. -------------------- ------------- -Kneel down on all fours creating a rigid aroh with your upper body & legs - palms flat, arms & back straight. -Place right hand on backof head/neck. -Lock left arm to floor, then rotate shoulder & head until right elbow faces inward. - Reverse motion & bring right elbow towards ceiling as you turn your upper back & head as far right as possible. - Return to starting position. That is one rep. Do 8-10 times -then switch over to your left side. -Prevents muscle cramping & locking in shoulders. * THE YOGA PLEX -------------------------------------------- - Stand with legs spread to shoulder-width with a bench around a foot tall in front of you. -Place hands flat on bench, do not bend your back. -Step back with right foot(mountain olimb-style) until your knee is almost touching floor. - Extend right arm in front of body with eyes locked on i. Warming up before exercising improves coordination and reaction times!** -Proceed to move armin clockwise circle. Above your head, behind yourself, &back to the bench. - Return to starting position. That is one rep. Do 5 of these. - Repeat with opposite arm & leg. SPEED * AVG.SPRINT DIST.&RESTINTERVALS Athletic speed can be improved in many vays. Stride length, stride rate, endurance, sprint form, & starting ability are all factors to improve upon. л 30 METERS 30-60 SECONDS Baseball & Softball 20 METERS 10-15 SECONDS Basketball 10-40 METERS 25-30 SECONDS Football 10-40 METERS 5-15 SECONDS Soccer, Lax, Rugby, F. Hockey 5-10 METERS 3-60 SECONDS Tennis * SANDBLASTING * EASY SPEED EXERCISES ---------------------------------------- ----------------- - High knee kicks s: raiseknees high as -Definition: Running, jogging, or sprinting in the sand. -Walter Payton advocated sandblasting - thought to be best blocking back in NFL. -Ben Tabacknik advocated sandblasting - Ph. D. head coach of 1988 U.S.S.R. Clympic Sprinting team. -Steve Prefontaine advocated sandblasting - one of possible while jogging or running. -Glute kickers: close leg acutely as possible while striding, kicking your glutes. -Resisted running: an elastic rope provides resistenoe as you run, or weight is behind you while trying to run or jog. the greatest runners in history. -Strengthens & condtions hamstring. - Improves stride length, height, & rate. -Adapts lower leg musoles to improve ankle stability. -High speed sprints. running at full speed for short amount of time. Refer to above chart for standard of your sport. & STRENGTH * 1 REP MAXIMUM WEIGHT(1RM) Building functional strength isn't about lifting the heaviest v eights. Strength training exercises vill give noticable improvements in overall performance & applicable force. 5 reps 66666 113 Ibs max. 10 reps 00 133 Ibs max. 100 Ibs 5 reps 66666 169 Ibs 150 Ibs 10 reps 200 Ibs 5 reps 66666 225 Ibs 10 reps 6664 267 Ibs 200 Ibs 5 reps 66666 281 Ibs * INCLINE BENCH PRESS 10 reps 333 Ibs 250 Ibs n ----------- -Lie back on inoline bench, holding a weighted bar using a 5 reps 66666 338 Ibs medium-width grip (90' angle at mid-point of movement.) - Hold the bar straight as possible. -Breath in slowly - bringing bar slowly tow ards upper chest & touching it. 10 геps 400 Ibs 300 Ibs 6 = 5 calories burnt per 1 minute of vigorous weightlifting by an average bodyweight American. -Bring bar back to startposition breathing out slowly, lock arms, chest. Should take twice as long as initial movement. -Rinse & repeat desired amount of times (5-10 reps.) -Compound exeroisemeaning it incorporates and works more than one musolegroup at once. * THE ROMANIAN DEADLIFT ------ ---------------------------------- -Stand in a "Romanian" close stanoe (legs hip-width & straight as possible, bendingslightly when needed.) - Hold the bar with an over/under grip. -Keep your head up, chest up, shoulders back, back arched, shoulder blades together,& glutes out. -Pull the weight upwards, stand erect & extend hips. -Shrug shoulders back& return to starting position. - Rinse & repeat desiredamount of times (10, 15, 20 reps.) - Most effective exercise for overall body development, also thought to be oldest. -Compound exercise- works all major muscles including traps, spinal erectors, hips, glutes, & hamstrings. A AGILITY * SIDE STEPPING Working on agility improves your ability to start, accelerate, and stop or change direction quickly - while paying close attention to speed, body control, & balance. --------------------------- - Set up 2 cones 10-40 meters apart. -Start on a beginning mark away from cones (starting line 5+ meters from cones.) - Side step in a jogging manner to 1st & closest cone. - Side step ina sprintingmanner to 2nd & furthest cone. - Jog back to beginningmark. - Rinse & repeat desired amount of times, try reversing the jog & sprint pattern. * THE SNAKE -Set up 6+ oones 1meter apart in a straight line. -Start on a beginning mark aw ay from cones (starting line 5+ meters from cones.) -Weave through the cones in a left-right or right-left pattern, and go back. - Rinse & repeat desired amount of times. -Practiced by professionals from the NFL, NHL, NBA and every sport in between * ROLLING START up 2 cones 10-40 meters apa -Start on a beginning mark away from cones (starting line .S -------- * apart. 5+ meters from cones.) - Jog to 1st & closest cone. -Sprint to 2nd & furthestoone. -Jog back to beginningmark. - Rinse & repeat desired amount of times, try reversing the jog & sprint pattern. * DANCING --------------------------- - The lighter athletes are on their feet the better. -Improves the ability to balance directly. Dancers & runners have same amount of stamina enhancing muscle fibers in their legs! *** - Improves flexibility & body control directly. - Stresses the body differently than exercising, seen as stimulatory -Specific agility training is more effective, so dancing should be seen as a supplemental activity. -John Wall was crowned best dancer in NBA 2010 rookies. CHALKTALK, SPORTS hetp:// 8 5 hetp:// * hetp:// ** hetp:// bell-incline-bench-press-medium-grip .com ning-the-difference-in-muscle-tone_b_923720.html *** @ChalkTalkSPORTS

Easily Increase Your Speed, Strength, & Agility

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Packed with warm-up tips, facts, and instructions - this infographic is sure to teach you something. Pick up a new exercise to add to your routine! Be safe, though.


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