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Early Childhood caries

7 STEPS TO PREVENT EARLY CHILDHOOD CARIES by DR. TEJAS PRADHAN 1 SAY NO TO BOTTLE FEEDING AT NIGHT ロ 口 · Do not allow bottles, food or drink to bed. A toy for comfort is better than the bottle. 2 REPLACE WATER INSTEAD OF MILK AT NIGHT · You can choose a plain bottle for milk or water. It does not serve as an attraction to the child hence it is better. Water can be filled in the bottle during bedtime as water does not harm the teeth. 3 USE A CUP • When your baby is a year old it is better to throw away the bottles and use a cup for feeding. 4 USE SOFT CLOTH TO WIPE · Keep your baby's mouth clean. Keep a soft cloth to wipe your baby's gums and teeth after feeding and before naptime. 5 MAINTAIN YOUR FAMILY DENTAL HYGIENE • The dental hygiene of yourself and family is important. By taking care of your dental health you can prevent infecting the baby. 6 USE OF FLUORIDATED TOOTHPASTE. · Another most proven and effective measure is the regular use of fluoride. Foods, toothpaste, mouthwashes and water with fluoride content is an effective low cost way of preventing tooth decay. 1 USE FLUORINE JUDICIOSLY · Fluoride bonds with the enamel of the tooth making it more resistant of sugar, plaque or bacteria. This aids in the re-mineralization of the teeth. Too much use of fluoride can cause spots on the tooth. Its use should be according to the directions of a physician.

Early Childhood caries

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Baby Bottle Tooth Decay is believed to be cause by the baby going to bed with the feeding bottle in its mouth. It is known as early childhood Caries a term used by dentist when there is presence of 1 ...




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