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Drug Treatment Works - Facts and Statistics

drug treatment works These Stats prove it! Drug abuse is one of the most virulent problems plaguing modern society. It is somewhat shocking to see the number of people suffering from drug use. Faith Based Rehabilitation Vs. Secular Rehabilitation In a study conducted on New York prisoners who had taken part in a faith based rehabilitation program it was found that 14% Only 14% of those who took part in the Contrastingly, it was found that as many as 41% of those who did not take part in the faith based program were rearrested within a year of being released from prison. 41% program were rearrested within a year of being released. In another similar study conducted on Texas state prisoners, it was found that only 5% of the 80 prisoners who had taken part in the faith based rehabilitation program were rearrested within a year of release. A study conducted by an independent research group into the effectiveness of faith based rehabilitation program, Teen Challenge, found that out of 154 residents who had graduated out of the program between 2007 and 2009: OOOOV 74% of adult program graduates reported no use in the previous six months O®®®® 58% had attended school since graduating 58% 77% were either working 30+ hours a week or were a full-time student Number of Opiate/Crack users (OCUS) in England - 298,752 8.8% adults aged 16 to 59 had taken an illicit drug in the last year 8.8% Illegal drug use in 2013-14 were higher than in 2012-13 18.9% adults aged 16 to 24 had taken Around one-third of adults had taken drugs at some point during their lifetime 18.9% an illicit drug in the last year In some case, drug abuse may turn into a lifelong problem Of 16 to 59 year olds. 35.6% had reported using drugs 35.6% at least once during their lifetime Every year, thousands of lives are lost to drug abuse. The statistics are alarming to say the least The rate of lifetime prevalence for the 4 most commonly abused drugs I Cannabis Cocaine I Amphetamines I Ecstasy 2,955 drug related deaths were registered last year (2013) 2,032 of them were male 8.3% Ecstasy 30% Cannabis 30% VwwwV v 923 of them were female 10.6% Amphetamines Male drug poisoning deaths rose by 9.0% Cocaine 19% as compared to 2012 statistics Female drug poisoning deaths have steadily increased every year since 2009 Male drug misuse deaths Tramadol tops the list of legally available drugs contributing to a substantial number of deaths I Drug misuse deaths I Increase % The numbers have gone up by 2.5 times in a matter of 4 years 2009 2013 2012 2013 Increase On % North East England had the highest drug misuse mortality rate Heroin/morphine remains the substances most commonly involved in drug poisoning deaths 52 deaths per million people I Drug poisoning deaths I Increase % London had the lowest drug misuse mortality rate 23 deaths per million people 2012 2013 Increase On % Number of mortalities rose for 4 substances Benzodiazepines Paracetamol Heroin/Morphine Cocaine Drug abuse and misuse is a serious problem to say the least. Treatment in severe cases is a basic necessity to save an addicts life. Currently, 197,110 adults are in contact with treatment services 185,428 adults effectively engaged in treatment for 12 weeks or more 29,855 adults successfully completed drug treatment free of dependency 20,032 Under the age of 18 are accessing substance misuse services The ray of hope comes in the form of effective drug treatment programs and methods which have found great success in helping addicts recover and eliminate their dependence on illegal substances. One or a combination of methods can be used to treat an addict and helm him or her recover. Pathways Pathways are those options available to patients who seek to end their habit of drug misuse Number of Patients I Percentage Total Number of Patients : 161,640 83,165 Prescribing 51% 14,164 Structured Intervention 9% 10,013 Psychosocial 6% 3,470 Structured Day Program (SDP) 2% 27,855 Prescribing and psychosocial 17% 7,688 Prescribing and SDP 5% 331 Inpatient detoxification (IP) 0% 720 Residential Rehabilitation (RR) 0% | 2,429 Prescribing and IP 2% 656 Prescribing and RR | 1,159 Prescribing, psychosocial/SDP and RR 1% 209 Psychosocial/SDP and RR 4,227 Prescribing, SDP and psychosocial 3% All other combinations 3,799 2% No adult modality -1,755 1% 20,000 40,000 60,000 80,000 100,000 Interventions Interventions can be described as a type of treatment, e.g. structured counseling, community prescribing etc. I No. of Patients 100,000- 80,000- 62,031 60,000- 54,842 40,000- 18,589 20,000- 14,134 2,363 6,532 Prescribing Structured psychosocial intervention Residential Inpatient detoxification Structured Structured day program rehabilitation intervention Interventions received by people seeking in treatment 2012-13 Psychosocial Prescribing Total individuals 140,000- 120.000- 100,000 - 80,000- 60,000- 40,000- 20,000- Community Inpatient Unit Primary Care Residential Recovery House Missing Treatment outcomes Treatment outcome statistics seem to be promising and the majority of patients seem to respond positively to the treatments and successfully stop abusing illegal drugs. Total Number of Treatment exit Patients:61,899 INumber of Patients 25,000, 21,138 20,000 14,562 15,000- 8,019 10,000 7,887 6,602 5,000- 1,117 1,204 792 578 Substance abuse not only causes grave economic damage but also tends to reduce the quality of life for an individual. Prolonged usage may result in death or destitution. However, these drug abuse effective treatments are easily available and accessible and offer substance abusers a fresh lease on life. Sources: 122,131 109,853 66,520 | 25,613 19,014 2,021 2,011 L19'L 1,768 2,064 1,593 462 |132 1,583 2,204 14,247 tro appropriate Not known Died Moved away de cline ahel ent Prison Dropped out/left Transferre Traustody Referred on ent Trans (n drug use) free of de free of dependency custody * completed

Drug Treatment Works - Facts and Statistics

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You may not realise the prolific effect and problems that are caused by drug abuse in modern society. Therefore, we've put together a visual containing a variety of statistics that you'll find pretty ...



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