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Drug Addiction and Long Term Rehab Statistic | Rehabilitation Treatment Care Center

DRUG ADDICTION AND LONG TERM REHAB STATISTICS In 2012, an estimated 23.9 million This estimate represents of the 9.2% population aged 12 or older. people in the U.S admitted to illicit drug use TYPES OF ILLICIT DRUGS USED AMONG PEOPLE AGED 12 OR OLDER Rx Psychotherapeutics 6.8 MILLION Marijuana Cocaine 18.9 MILLION 1.6 MILLION Hallucinogens Inhalants Heroin 1.1 MILLION 0.5 MILLION 0.3 MILLION ILLICIT DRUG USAGE AMONG YOUTH AGED 12 TO 17 7.2% 2.8% 9.5% 0.8% 0.6% 0.1% were current illicit drug users Marijuana Psychotherapeutics Inhalants Hallucinogens Cocaine ALCOHOL USE AMONG PEOPLE AGED 12 OR OLDER Slightly more than half (52.1%) of Americans reported being 52.1% of americans current drinkers of alcohol. This translates to an estimated 135.5 million drinkers in 2012. Nearly one quarter (23.0%) of people aged 12 or older in 2012 were binge alcohol users. This translates to about 59.7 million people. In 2012, heavy drinking was reported by 6.5% of the population aged 12 or older, or 17.0 million people. ALCOHOL USE AMONG YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULTS Age Alcohol users Binge alcohol users Heavy alcohol users 12 to 13 2.2% 0.9% years old 14 to 15 11.1% 5.4% 0.6% years old 16 to 17 24.8% 15% 3.1% years old 18 to 20 45.8% 30.5% 10.0% years old 21 to 25 69.9% 45.1% 14.4% years old NUMBER OF PEOPLE AGED 12 OR OLDER WHO HAVE RECEIVED TREATMENT FOR SUBSTANCE ABUSE Alcohol Pain Relievers Marijuana 957,000 Cocaine 2,395,000 973,000 658,000 Heroin Stimulants Tranquilizers 458,000 Hallucinogens 366,000 450,000 357,000 Call Now! Sources: NationalFindings/NSDUHresults2012.htm (405) 563-8131 Rehabilitation Treatment Care Center

Drug Addiction and Long Term Rehab Statistic | Rehabilitation Treatment Care Center

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Drug addiction affects millions of people around the world. The most common types of illicit drugs that are used are marijuana, psychotherapeutic, cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens, inhalants, and heroin...


Rehabilitation Treatment Care Center


Rehabilitation Treatment Care Center


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