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Don't Choose to Refuse.

Every day, an average of 400 children die from measles. This means that approximately 16 children die from measles every hour. While measles is 100% preventable in 82% of properly vaccinated individuals, it is the single most infectious disease in today's world and is fatal in 10% of cases. (16% DEATHS HOUR POTENTIALLY FATAL, PREVENTABLE DISEASES DIPHTHERIA Before vaccinations, Diphtheria caused death in approximately 40% of cases. In 1921 alone, more than 15,000 Americans died from diphtheria. MEASLES Measles is an extremely contagious disease that is fatal in approximately 10% of cases. In 2013, there were 145,700 measles deaths globally HIB In the United States alone, each year about 20,000 cases of invasive (serious) HIB infection occurred in children and resulted in 1,000 deaths before the implementation of the vaccine. PERTUSSIS Before the pertussis vaccine became widely available in the 1940s, about 200,000 children got sick with it each year in the US and about 9,000 died as a result of the infection. ROTAVIRUS In spite of the fact that Rotavirus is only fatal in 0.3% of cases, it still results in an average of 440,000 deaths in children under 5 years of age each year. POLIO While Polio is only severe in approximately 1% of cases, and unlikely to be fatal, immediately before the development of the polio vaccines, an average of 16,000 paralytic cases were reported in the United States annually. TETANUS Tetanus is fatal in 10% of cases. Once contracted, it is untreatable. VACCINES Vaccinations are not fatal. Their detractors are concerned with issues of negative side effects, not fatalities. i PERCENTAGE OF INFECTED INDIVIDUALS WHO SURVIVE i PERCENTAGE OF FATALITIES IN INFECTED INDIVIDUALS In 1998, a study was published in the United Kingdom linking vaccines to autism that was formally retracted by the publishers in 2010 after it was proved that the data had been manipulated for profit. In fact, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the author of the study, was stripped of his medical license in May of 2010 as a result of what was ruled to be a dilberate attempt to create an impression that there was a link between vaccines and autism by falsifying the data. Unfortunately, while the study's findings had been widely publicized and spawned a wave of panic regarding the safety of vaccinations, its criminal invalidity remains a relatively unknown fact. As a result, the popular belief that vaccines are dangerous and could lead to autism has continued to spread, leading to a notable decrease in childhood vaccinations and a resurgence in extremely contagious and preventable life-threatening diseases. DON'T CHOOSE TO REFUSE. VACCINES SAVE LIVES. ulul

Don't Choose to Refuse.

shared by barefootdesigner on Mar 10
This is a pro-vaccination infographic giving visual credence to the numbers of lives saved each year by vaccines.



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