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Donor Immunization Record -- April Check Up

DONOR IMMUNIZATION RECORD NAME: GAVI Alliance DATE OF BIRTH: January 2000 ADMINISTERED BY: ACTION LAST CHECK UP: April 2014 PLEDGE FULLY PLEDGED COUNTRY REMARKS DELIVERED?1 TO 2015?? FOLLOW UP RECOMMENDED Australia has not yet made a 2014-2015 commitment to GAVI, although it committed and has now delivered AUD 200 million from 2011- 2013, and has a 20-year AUD 250 million commitment to IFFIm. Australia Canada has surpassed its commitment to GAVI by contributing an additional CAD 20 million for measles activities. Canada's total contributions (USD 256.2 million) represent 3.5% of all GAVI contributions for 2011-2015. As a leader in maternal, newborn and child health, Canada should signal its continued and increased support to GAVI for 2016-2020 by contributing 5% of the global ask. Canada Denmark's commitment to GAVI ended in 2013, despite the fact that it initially pledged support to GAVI until 2015. Denmark decided to phase out support to GAVI after 2013. Denmark MOTION The EU has committed ad hoc funding, rather than a multi-year commitment, to GAVI. Its total commitment represents only 0.7% compared to other donors, much below its status as the third largest contributor to international aid globally. The EU is now considering its external budget for 2014-2020, which will determine future funding levels for GAVI, and which should include a multi-year commitment. SRGENA European Union ROTION As a leader in innovative finance, France has a long-term, growing IFFIm contribution to GAVI. Howeve 100 million direct pledge is not in France's budget, and decreases in aid funding will further threaten France's willingness to fulfill its pledge EUR 22 million of France's EUR GENT France in progress to GAVI. in progress Germany has grown as a GAVI donor – from EUR 4 million in 2010 to EUR 30 million. It announced its first multi-year commitment in early 2013, extending Germany's annual commitments to 2015, subject to parliamentary approval. Germany Ireland FOLLOW UP RECOMMENDED Ireland is on track to fulfill its EUR 11.5 million commitment for 2010-2014, but could consider an additional commitment for 2015. Italy Italy is on track to deliver its 20-year IFFIM commitment, and the rest of its Advanced Market Commitment (AMC).5 Japan FOLLOW UP RECOMMENDED Japan became a first-time GAVI donor in 2011, committing annually in 2012 and 2013. Japan delivered its 2013 commitment and Prime Minister Abe has pledged continued support after 2015. Luxembourg Luxembourg is set to deliver its five-year, EUR 4.1 million commitment to GAVI. The Netherlands is on track to deliver its substantial, long-term grant agreement of EUR 120 million for 2011-2015, but its foreign aid budget is set to be reduced by one-third over the next few years. Netherlands tOGRESS IN DANGER Norway is on track to deliver its five-year, USD 635 million pledge to GAVI, in addition to USD 50 million to the AMC and USD 220 million Norway until 2020 to IFFIM. HEW GLEDGE! The Republic of Korea became a first time GAVI donor in 2010, announcing a three-year commitment through to 2012. In 2013, Korea made a new five year commitment of USD 5 million for 2013-2017, extending and increasing support for GAVI. Republic of Korea Spain delivered its one-year direct pledge of EUR 2 million in 2011, and continues to meet its IFFIM commitments scheduled to continue Spain until 2025. NEW PLEDGE! Sweden has an annual agreement with GAVI, steadily increasing its contributions from a SEK 250 million pledge in 2011 to a SEK 450 million pledge in 2014. At GAVI's mid-term review, Sweden announced an additional USD 34.3 million for 2013 and 2014, bringing its contributions for those years to USD 129 million. Sweden The UK is GAVI's largest donor, contributing to multiple funding streams and showing great commitment in delivering on its pledge of GBP 814 million in 2011. The UK should show similar leadership during the next replenishment and encourage other donors to step up, which will be vital to ensuring GAVI is fully funded to implement its 2016-2020 strategy. United Kingdom GREAT PROGRESS! While the final budget negotiations for 2014 increased US support for GAVI, the US is still USD7 million shy of delivering on its three-year USD 450 million pledge made in 2011. The US should close this gap during the fiscal year. The President's 2015 budget request included a request of USD 200 million for GAVI, subject to congressional approval, which signals continued and increased US support, and sets precedent for other donors to increase their pledges in the lead up to GAVI's replenishment conference. United States in progress 1 Determined based on whether funding was received, or is committed through legally-binding agreements. 2 Defined as publicly-pledged resources to 2015. For donors who give to both IFFIM/AMC and directly, a check mark was given only if donors have extended direct pledges to 2015, even if IFFIM commitments go past 2015. For donors who only give through IFFIM/AMC, a check mark was given if commitments extend past 2015.° All data based on information provided by the GAVI Secretariat as of 31 December 2013. 4 The International Finance Facility for Immunisation (IFFIM) was set up in 2006 to rapidly accelerate the availability and predictability of funds for GAVI's immunization program. 5 The pneumococcal Advanced Market Commitment (AMC) incenti vizes vaccine makers to produce suitable and affordable vaccines for the world's poorest countries.

Donor Immunization Record -- April Check Up

shared by ACTION_Partnership on Apr 24
ACTION has updated its Donor Immunization Record, revealing an impressive global accountability picture on child vaccines: As of April 2014, 14 out of 17 major donors have delivered on their commitmen...


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