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Do I Workout Today?

DO I WORK OUT TODAY Start YES, бu. ARE YOU FEELING GOOD? NO Hungover YES Not enough time Can't get to gym You need to get the toxins out of your system Why not? You Can you sure? turn on YouTube and find some bodyweight exercises or run outside? Angry Fitness pla z? Yes, but that's not in my fitness plan and I'm better off doing nothing than something not in my routine. Wait, that Depressed Tired Yes sounds dumb when I say it out loud.... You need the endorphins Get 6+ hours of sleep last night? 30:00 Actually, I could get up an hour earlier or squeeze in a 30 minute workout after work. Yes, I guess I should suck GO WORK OUT! it up! Case of the sniffles and sore throat, and not in your chest? Nothing too crazy. I'm just being a drama queen cause I'm SO proud of doing an extra two reps yesterday Head ache Sick How bad? Chest Cold Sore Yes Stomach virus Searing pain! I might even be injured! Anything where you'll risk leaving mucous on mats and machines Can you work out another muscle group? Injured No, I'm paralyzed from the neck down and reading this in the hospital. Yes, my morning, afternoon, and night are completely occupied and I didn't even browse Facebook today because I have so much going on. Br Ba No. Popped in an episode of "Breaking Bad" at 8pm last night and one thing led to another... FINE TAKE A REST! It's my rest day. Goddammit!!! GYM JIJNKIES HARDCORE FITNESS TRAINING

Do I Workout Today?

shared by punkrobby on May 31
It’s 5:30pm or so on a workday, you’re about to head home… and wondering if you should exercise. Maybe you’re already home and just want to cook dinner and watch some TV. Or maybe it’s a w...


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