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Ditch the Tech and Spend More Time Outdoors

DITCH THE TECH AND SPEND MORE TIME O UT D 0 O R S eeeae Technology has (ultimately) changed our lives for the better. But sometimes we need to take a breather and put down our device(s). Are you ready to try a tech detox? Shocking Tech-Use Statistics According to a Nielsen cross-platform study, the average American adult (over 18 years of age) spends 11 hours each day with some kind of electronic media. Watching live TV and listening to the radio top the charts. ::::::::::: ::::::::: According to a Pew study: 92% 24% of American teens 56% 92% report 24% (ages 13-17) are online going online daily "ALMOST 56% CONSTANTLY" report going online several times a day :::: According to the U.S. Census, as of 2013: 84% 79% 64% of U.S. own a own a HOUSEHOLDS own a computer DESKTOP or LAPTOP HANDHELD computer OF ADULT CELL OWNERS check their phone for updates or messages even if their phone hasn't rung, vibrated, or chimed Americans spend roughly 60 HOURS A MÓNTH ONLINE 67% :::: ::::: 44% OF CELL OWNERS sleep with their phones by their bed Benefits of a Tech Detox Fast Company conducted a "tech detox" experiment last year with 35 CEOS, entrepreneurs, and business people. Here's what they observed: Improved posture and deeper connections with others. People spent more time making eye-contact instead of staring at phones- this led to people sitting up straight more often. Improved eye contact also allowed for deeper friendships. Improved memory. With fewer digital distractions, people were able to store and process more mentally. Less multi-tasking, more meaningful conversations. They experienced less stress, and they were able to Better sleep. People who check their phones before bed typically lack high-quality sleep. concentrate more on personal interactions. More open to change. With the lack of technology and additional distractions, people were more open to self-assessment, and more inclined to examine their lives and goals. One of the best forms of tech detox is outdoor recreation. Even How Do I Detox? 30 minutes spent outside (away from tech) daily can be extremely beneficial. So leave your phone at home or at work, and try some of the activities below: Get Outside During the Workweek Walk It Off Grab Some Wheels Try going for short, 20- to 30-minute walks daily Ride your bike or go skateboarding Head to a nearby park or simply walk around your office building or neighborhood These activities require a great deal of Concentration away from tech Most people receive 80 - 90% of their vitamin D from the sun You can even use one of these as your main mode of transportation to and from work Fun fact: Get in the Water Head to your nearest gym or community pool for a quick swim before or Go where tech can't (in the water!) after work Get Outside Over the Weekend Offer a Helping Hand Volunteer for an outdoor event like clearing a community hiking Volunteering trail or handing out water at a 5k charity race is great for your community as well as for your mind and body Roadtrip! Fun fact: Studies have shown that extended Pack up the car for a day-trip and head out to a local nature spot (maybe a beach or forest) time spent outdoors can improve your mental outlook, improve your focus, lower stress, and even ease depression Have a picnic, go for a hike, or simply soak in the sights Pitch a Tent Fun fact: Spending hours at a time in a forest can increase your white blood cells, giving you a natural immunity boost even days after you've returned home Build a fire, go on a hike, roast some marshmallows, and do some stargazing - it's going to be a blast! Brought To You By @injinji Resources:

Ditch the Tech and Spend More Time Outdoors

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Technology has (ultimately) changed our lives for the better. But sometimes we need to take a breather and put down our device(s). Are you ready to try a tech detox?


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