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Disgusting Medical Jobs

IT TAKES A STOMACH OF STEEL 5 DISGUSTING MEDICAL JOBS MEDICAL WASTE BIOHAZARD COOKER BIOHAZARD COOKER BIOHAZARD COOKERS STEAM BAGS OF MEDICAL WASTE, PRODUCING A MALODOROUS AROMA Biohazard bags may contain needles, urine, blood, teeth, semen and other bodily fluids the cooking process is steaming bags of bio waste at 260°F for 30 of burning rubber, BO and smelly feet. minutes The scent of "cooking" i Cookers wear protective gear, if the gear is punctured. UROLOGIST $16.28 per hour 12 Urologists must be educated in: Pediatrics Gynecology Male Infertility UROLOGIST Internal Medicine male reproductive organs SPECIALITY: . Erectile Dysfunction Other specialties They categorized as surgical subspecialists. Urologists treat a variety of things including: • STDS fttt1111 (treatment involves prostate gland massage) • Male Infertility • Kidney Stones • Hematuria (blood in the urine) • Incontinence PROCTOLOGIST $461,000 per year Proctologists examine the anus visually & manually. LOGIST the rectum Often are referred to as a colorectal surgeon. titioneen 0 the • Constipation • Fistulas • Hemorrhoids • Rectal prolapse AVERAGE SALARY $407,273 FORENSIC PATHOLOGIST per year Forensic pathologists examine those who SPECIALITY: . Diagnosing the deceased have had a COUR violent or sudden, unexpected death. They determine when, how and why a person has died. • Trace Evidence • DNA Technology • Firearms Toxicology • Blood Analysis FPs spend large amounts of time examining tissue samples and performing autopsies. AVERAGE SALARY $500,000 CTS up to (Crime and Trauma Scene Decontamination) per year This may inciude the aftermath of Murder Suicide Rape Decon FIVE SPECIALITY: . Cleaning up after a crime scene CTS Decon technicians generally have previous experience in unsavory jobs including ER nurses or EMTS. • Urine • Feces Other body fluids Decomposing bodies Brain matter and more • Blood CTS Decon also involves cleanup of chemical contamination • Meth Labs • Anthrax affected sites $40,000 $50,000 Do you i have what it takes? to Sources: per year presented by: N NOWSOURCING DEVELOPED BY ENE O MEDICAL WASTE SPECIALITY: Disposing of medical waste but can become contaminated described as a combination TIMO AVERAGE SALARY Urinary tract and • Chronic Prostatitis THREE 13 PROCTO- AVERAGE SALAPY SPECIALITY: . • Incontinence 4 (the rectum has turned inside out) FORENSIC PATHOLOGIST They may need to be educated not only in medicine, but in CTS Clean up may include coming in contact with AVERAGE SALARY

Disgusting Medical Jobs

shared by NowSourcing on Feb 28
Some careers in medicine are really gross. While they might not always be fun, someone's go to do them to promote the general welfare of people everywhere.


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