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Diseases that are making a comeback

DISEASES making a comeback that are Modern medicine has seen the population becoming healthier and living longer, but with antibiotic resistance and the cessation of mandatory vaccinations, some diseases are making a comeback. Conditions such as Gout, Tuberculosis and Syphilis are no longer consigned to the history books and are on the increase once again. TUBERCULOSIS Rise of 623% over last 5 years 2009 1338 CASES 9681 2014 CASES CHOLERA Rise of 414% over last 5 years 7 2009 CASES 36 2014 CASES SYPHILIS Rise of 682% over last 5 years 2009 277 CASES 2165 2014 CASES RICKETS Rise of 885% over last 5 years 190 2009 CASES 1871 2014 CASES POLIO Rise of 1645% over last 5 years 11 2009 CASES 192 2014 CASES GOUT Rise of 2827% over last 5 years 2009 4421 CASES 129409 2014 CASES So what's going on? What's driving the changes.. Rickets is due to a lack of The increase in Shingles The rise in Tuberculosis Polio, Cholera and Rickets vitamin D. The rise in cases is almost certainly due to is most likely related to the are on the increase due to of rickets has been partially an aging population as BCG vaccination no longer higher levels of mobility and explained by the increased use of technology, especially in young people and excessive avoidance of the Shingles is much more being mandatory, as well migration. Travel to areas likely to affect the elderly. as the growth in the anti- where poverty and lack of vaccination movement medical care are the norm has over the last decade. seen an surge in the number sun through high factor of people returning to the sun screens. UK with these diseases. The gender split 79% more women got Rubella than men. The clinics and hospitals of the UK have seen a startling resurgence of these more men got Shingles 52% than women. Men are also more likely to suffer complications such as infertility. diseases across the board, but the risks of catching them do differ for men and women. There are many factors that influence the rates of incidence. more men got Mumps 45% than women. brought to you by: Team24 privatenursing Visit us at: REFERENCES AND ATTRIBUTIONS "zndsyphilz" by Herbert L. Fred, MD, and Hendrik A. van Dijk. Hospital Episode Statistics, Admitted Patient Care Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons England, 2008-09 INS] October 28, 2009 "Tophi of the toe, and over the external maleolus." by Herbert L. Fred, MD and Hendrik A. van Dijk Hospital Episode Statistics, Admitted Patient Care England - 2013-14 (NS] January 28, 2015 Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons CDC/Dr. Karp, Emory University [Public domain] Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons Team24 survey 2767 Poliovirus Myotonic T08 responses collected from medical professionals 1zth - 22nd May 2015 dystrophic changes.jpg "Rad r30ong" by © Nevit Dilmen. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons 130o19.JPG

Diseases that are making a comeback

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With the increase of the anti-vaccination movement, the number of diseases that are making a comeback are on the rise. Tuberculosis has seen a 623% increase over the last 5 years, in part due to the c...




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