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Disability in America

DISABILITY IN AMERICA 54 MILLION AMERICANS 19% OF NONINSTITUTIONALIZED POPULATION 38% HAS A DISABILITY. 12.4% OF WOMEN AND 11.7% OF MEN In 2007, 98% of transit buses were ramp-equipped. 10% 5% Up from 62% in 1995 65+ 18-64 5-17 AGE EDUCATION 28% of people 25+ with a disability (10.9% of mobility devices users) have less than a high 13% of people 25+ with a disability (1.8% of mobility device users) have a bachelor's degree or higher school education VETERANS FAMOUS wheelchair users include President Franklin D. Roosevelt, actor Christopher Reeve, and scientist Stephen Hawking 652,000* *SERVICE-RELATED DISABILITY RATED HIGHER THAN 70% ON THE COMPENSATION SCALE HAWKING REEVE FDR 1 million unable to hear conversations 1.8 million unable to see printed words EMPLOYMENT 2.5 million difficulty having their speech understood The unemployment rate of persons with a disability was 14.5%, compared with 9% for those with none Less than 20% of wheelchair and walker users are employed - 17.4% and 14.5% respectively 16.1 million 3.3 million use a wheelchair have limitations in cognitive functioning or mental illness that 10 million use a walking aid activities interfere with daily (cane, crutches, walker) DISABILITIES DEFINED Uses a wheelchair, cane, walker, or climb stairs, grasp climb stairs, grasp the phone, leaving crutches Difficult to see, hear, speak, lit, Unable to see, hear, speak, lift, Difficulty performing Unable to daily activities (using perform 1+ activities of daily living Learning disability or other mental or emotional condition objects objects home) non-severe 6-14 severe non-severe 15+ severe SOURCES editions/cb10-ff13.html§ion_id=4 MAY 2011 21.9 MILLION VETERANS IN THE US 6007 NI WITH A DISABILITY NOI11IW S'S RELATED DISABILITY

Disability in America

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