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Digital brain health market Infographic

SHARPBRAINS THE BIRTH OF THE GLOBAL DIGITAL BRAIN HEALTH MARKET A NEW GENERATION OF TECHNOLOGIES & METHODOLOGIES TO BETTER MONITOR & ENHANCE COGNITION ACROSS THE LIFESPAN. OVER 2BÄ°LLION& PRODUCTIVITY CHALLENGES. PEOPLE WORLDWIDE SUFFER FROM BRAIN-BASED HEALTH THE RESULTING GLOBAL ECONOMIC BURDEN Is MORE THAN 2 TRILLIONS %24 Looking for data-driven & scalable solutions... BRAIN HEALTH IN 2020 WILL LOOK VERY DIFFERENT THAN IN 2012. OF 3,000+ DECISION-MAKERS AND EARLY-ADOPTERS.. WOULD PERSONALLY TAKE A BRIEF ASSESSMENT EVERY YEAR AS AN ANNUAL MENTAL CHECK-UP. 94% 83% AGREE THAT ADDRESSING COGNITIVE & BRAIN HEALTH SHOULD BE A HEALTHCARE PRIORITY. AGREE THAT DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES CAN SIGNIFICANTLY COMPLEMENT OTHER BEHAVIORAL & DRUG-BASED INTERVENTIONS. 83% 73% AGREE THAT ADULTS OF ALL AGES SHOULD TAKE CHARGE OF THEIR OWN 'BRAIN FITNESss,' WITHOUT WAITING FOR THEIR DOCTORS TO TELL THEM TO. OF THOSE WHo HAVE USED A "SERIOUS" BRAIN TRAINING PRODUCT... 48% 9% 43% FELT THAT THEY DIDN'T. AGREE THAT THEY HAVE SEEN THE RESULTS THAT THEY WANTED. REMAINED NEUTRAL. SINCE 2005: WE HAVE WITNESSED THE RAPID GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT OF A NEW DIGITAL BRAIN HEALTH MARKETPLACE. The global market for brain health applications of SOFTWARE & BIOMETRICS WAS $210 MILLION. It will be over i$1 BILLION: The market is forecasted to reach $6 BILLION. THERE ARE 2 TECHNOLOGY SEGMENTS SOFTWARE Fully digital & online applications (accessed via computers, tablets or smartphones) designed to monitor, assess, enhance, or retrain neurocognitive functions. BIOMETRICS Applications which require a hardware component to measure a physiological response linked to neurocognitive outcomes, primarily heart rate variability (HRV) & electroencephalography (EEG). THE PIONEERING COMPANIES WE ANALYZED THE MARKET AND RESEARCH MOMENTUM OF 200+ COMPANIES... Top 5 Market Leaders Today: Top 10 Companies To Watch In 2013-2014: Cambridge Cognitlon Emgth LMesclence Brain Basellne Atentiv c8 sclences Ultrasis Brain Resource Marbles: Brain store Cogmed/ Pearson O HeartMath Posit Sclenceoo CognIFit Nourosky CogState THERE ARE 4 MAIN CUSTOMER SEGMENTS Customer Segment Consumers Healthcare, Senior Living, & Insurance Providers K12 School Systems Employers ..... Total .... 6150 3600 3400 3250 3200 3000 2800 2600 2400 2200 2000 1800 O 1800 1600 1400 1200 1080 A1000 800 600 500 600 400 315 500 210 105 200 90 22 15 2005 2012 2020 REVENUE BY YEAR ...& HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS... Recognizing existing inefficiencies in healthcare systems FUTURE GROWTH WILL BE DRIVEN BY CONSUMERS... User-friendly prices & packaging Demand for self-driven, non-invasive, preventive options, more "wellness" and "fitness", than "medicine" Bayer has partnered with Cognifit, & Merck with CogState. COPING WITH LONGER LIVES Among adults over 50: "Staying mentally sharp" out ranks Social Security & physical health, as the top priority and concern. DIGITAL BRAIN HEALTH TOOLS SUPPORT PEAK PERFORMANCE. Employers: Enhance mental performance & wellness among their employees, addressing the causes of productivity loss in the workplace. Sports Teams & the Military: Preventing & treating the effects of concussions. PREVENTIVE STRATEGIES. U.K. Foresight Report on Mental Capital & - Well-being U.S. Ontario & Singapore Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act POLICY INNOVATION WILL DRIVE WIDER ADOPTION OF 1 (PPACA) Innovative investments by governmental agencies. BY 2020, Digital brain health solutions will go mainstream among both consumers & healthcare providers. Big Data & cloud-based applications will enable truly personalized brain health solutions. thriving develop around users & tools. vation ecosystem will Got Brains? 3 Check Out the Latest Report from SharpBrains: The State of the Digital Brain Health Market 2012-2020 - Transforming Health with Digital Tools to Assess, Monitor, & Enhance Cognition across the Lifespan Tracking brain health innovation, this in-depth industry report provides readers with key insights into the digital revolution transforming brain health & health overall, with trend analysis & detailed revenue growth forecasts. "We want to provide the Transforming Health with Digital Tools to Assess, Monitor and Enhance Cognition across the Lifespan most comprehensive analysis and forecast of the substantial transformation The Digital Health Market 2012-2020 underway within the brain health field," says Alvaro Fernandez, SharpBrains' CEO, recently named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. lana SHARPBRAINS December 2012 Visit 2005 REVENUES ($ MILLIONS) 2020 2012

Digital brain health market Infographic

shared by mohitlakhmani on Nov 27
This infographic is made to show the birth of the global digital health market. Here we have shown market growth from 2012 to 2020. And use of new technology and its growth of earning from 2005 to 202...


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