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Destination Sunshine

Airtours NAME OF PASSENGER AIRTOURS PASS TOr TBC DESTINATION SUNSHINE FROM. EMA SEAT GATE A 39 Your ultimate tan guide 0717DBA619UDNAGT152 BOARDING PASS Monthly UV index per country uIAIInnozo 2ANIIASOND US 3469 424 3314 Ave. hours of sunshine per year 1734 Malta Bulgaria Italy Kenya Portugal Dominican Rep. EQUATOR Turkey Cuba 2716 2534 2691 2652 1 2 3 4 5 8 9 10 11* Average sunshine per year and 12 month UV index AEDEPARTURES TOP VISITED OVERSEAS COUNTRIES TOP UK PACKAGE HOLIDAYS FLIT DESTAT 04 SPAC1 02 FRAC2 SPAIN IFRANCE IREP. IRELAND UNITED STATES 01 SPAC1 OSPAIN 02 FRAC2 IFRANCE 03 EIRO3 03 GREC3 GREECE 04 TURO 4 05 USAC5 06 EGYO6 C. TURKEY UNITED STATES 04 USA04 05 ITAC5 ITALY 06 GEROS GERMANY EGYPT 07 GRE07 GREECE 07 ITA07 IITALY 08 NETOS 09 PORO9 10 TUR 1e NETHERLANDS CAROS CARIBBEAN 09 PORO9 10 CYP1: PORTUGAL PORTUGAL C. TURKEY CYPRUS UK citizen tourist destinations* 465 Canada USA 3,187 172 Cuba Bulgaria 182 Dominican Rep. 198 255 Italy 2,610 Spain Portugal 11,582 1,809 Greece Turkey 1,622 Jamaica 1,881 198 369 981 Mexico Malta Cyprus 365 164 749 Kenya Key 1= 1,000 Tourists Tunisia Egypt Holiday facts ED OF ALL RAVELL HOLIDAYED IN THE 12 MONTH PERIOD TO SEPTEMBER 2010 EMOST T OVER OF UK CONSUMERS UK residents took an average of 3.2 HOLIDAYS 2 in the UK & 1.2 abroad 12% OF THEM ENJOYING FOUR OR MORE DOMESTIC HOLIDAYS SURVEYED 24% When enjoying a domestic holiday, the most common length of stay is between OF THEM ENJOYING FOUR OR MORE HOLIDAYS ABROAD AND nights RESIDENTS OF THE WEST MIDLANOS ARE • WHILE LONDONERS FOR HOLIDAYS ABROAD, TH MOST LIKELY TO GO WITHOUT A AvanoH 45-54: MOST NIGHTS OWWOD ISON SLAYIS 10 HA WHILE LONDONERS AREL AY ABROAD AST LIKELY TO GO WITHOUT Tanning facts THE ALL-OVER' TAN IS A MYTH Studies show that a consistent all-over tan may be impossible to achieve because some areas of the body are more resistant to tanning than others. TOP 6 MOST CHALLENGING PARTS TO TAN YOUR BODY INSIDE OF YOUR ARMS AND ARMPITS (lack of melanin] HAND PALMS (lack of melanin) BUTTOCKS Inot enough oxygen) THIGHS (lack of oxygen) SOLES OF YOUR FEET (lack of melanin) SHINS AND CALVES lespecially for women, due to dry skin and shaving) SPF USE SPF 10 OR HIGHER 30 Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before exposing your skin to the sun and reapply every two hours. Sunscreen will make your tan last longer. THE SUN IS STRONGEST POSITION BETWEEN 10AM & 4PM Avoid sunbathing for more than an hour during this time of day to stop your skin from peeling. Place yourself at an angle with the sun where you're in line with your shadow to allow equal sun exposure to all body areas. UV Protection Many tourists underestimate the increased risk of UV damage to the skin and eye during a holiday in a sunny location. UV INDEX 8. SKIN TYPE 2 10 Pale skin, burn very easily and rarely tan. Generally have light coloured or red hair and freckles. Like Boris Johnson Likely to have light hair and blue or brown eyes. Usually burn but may gradually tan. Like Stephen Fry Olive skin with green or brown eyes. Burn with long exposure to the sun but generally tan easily. Like Jackie Chan Hair and eyes are usually dark. Always tan easily but burn with very lenghty exposures. Like Shilpa Shetty Naturally brown skin, with brown eyes and dark hair. Burn only with excessive exposure. Like Tinie Tempah Very dark skin with brown eyes and black hair. Burn only with extreme exposure to the sun. Like Lenny Henry Low risk No protection is needed. Medium risk Take care around midday and do not spend too long in the sun unprotected. High risk Cover up and spend time in the shade between 11 and 3. Use least factor 15 sunscreen on exposed skin. Very high risk Avoid being outside during midday. Cover up, seek shade, and use at least factor 15 sunscreen. Sun Facts and Figures On the daylight side of the globe, only one point under the sun receives full intensity solar radiation. From the equator to the poles, the sun rays meet Earth in gradually smaller angles and the light gets spread over larger and larger areas. - Surface area lit by equal light 93.000,000.. MILES ACTUAL DISTANCE BETWEEN THE EARTH AND THE SUN WHICH WOULD TAKE 1 CAR TRAVELLING AT 70mph 152 YEARS TO GET TO THE SUN "data collated in 2009 Sources Monthly UV Index: World Health Organization /Average hours of sunshine: Data from UNdata and MetOffice / Departures: ABTA Travel trends report 2011/ Holiday Facts: ABTA Travel trends report 2011/ UV Protection : Cancer Research UK/ Sun Facts and Figures: D. Jefferies, 2006, The Sun: Dur Local Star, Crebtree Publishing Company. / Diagram of the earth receiving rays of sunlight: Airtours You're better off with Tunisia 3076 2753 United States Canada 2189 2519 34nduoze LKELY TO THE AGE Type 3 Type 2 Type 1 Type 4 Type 5 Type 6 MO1 MEDIUM MO1 HIGH MO1 MO7 LOWER RISK MO1 H9IH 91 LOW MEDIUM LOW VERY HIGH M01 MEDIUM LOW Incoming sunlight VERY HIGH MEDIUM HIGH 4.5 years, 5 months, 5 days, 2 hours, 56 minutes and 34 seconds t MEDIUM VERY HIGH MEDIUM HIGH MEDIUM he core is 200,000 miles in diameter

Destination Sunshine

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Over the years, Airtours has gathered a lot of fascinating information about British holiday habits and our favourite destinations from a great variety of sources such as NASA, the World Health Organi...




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