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Dental Tourism in Mexico - Infographic

DENTIST IN MEX CO ΤHE ΚΕY ΤΟ HOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN SAVINGS 1. TAKING CARE OF TEETH IS AN INCREASINGLY EXPENSIVE PROPOSITION Average annual out-of-poc ket payments for dental services in the United States increased 26 percent. 2. WE ESTIMATE SOME 1,200,000 AMERICANS WILL TRAVEL OUTSIDE THE US FOR MEDICAL CARE THIS YEAR (2014). 3. AMERICANS WITHOUT TEETH 日本 One-fourth of U.S. adults aged 65 or olderhaue lost all of their teeth. 4. IN 2011, AN ESTIMATED $108 BILLION WAS SPENT ON DENTAL SERVICES IN THE UNITED STATES. $108000000000 USA 5. USA CITIZENS WITHOUT DENTAL INSURANCE 6. PRICE COMPARISON USA/MEXICO Staff salary per hour The U.S. National Center for Health Statistics reports that 26% of the 172 million Americans with private health insurance do not have dental insurance. 3-5 $ 10-15$ Education costs Mexico 172000000 private health insurance 20000-40000s Education costs USA 25000S Yearly wages 26% private health insurance with no dental insurance 30000-50000S 100000-250000s 7. POPULAR DENTAL TOURISM DESTINATIONS Tijuana o O Mexicali O Los Algodones IN MEXICO O Tijuana O Mexicali 9 Los Algodones O Cancun Cancun o 8. AVARAGE SAVINGS PER VISIT? 9. DENTIST / POPULATION RATIO IN LOS ALGODONES 1350 15474 Number of dentists 350 Mexico: 40-65%-saings Population 5474 11. DENTAL TOURISM IN NUMBERS 10. PRICE COMPARISON PER PROCEDURE MEXICO/USA - SAVINGS MEXICO tttttttt 80 000 WORLD USA MEXICO -BONE GRAFT 1500$ 150$ 90% 400 000 -GUM SURGERY 600$ 120$ 80% Estimates are 80 000 people come to Mexico each year and 400 000 people all arcund the world travel to get cheaper dental services. -ALL ON FOUR 26000$ 8560$ 67% 12. POPULAR DENTISTS Dent Art Center Dental Alvarez Dental Spana Dentalmed ▪ Elite Dental - Implant Art Center - Mustre Dental Clinic Stats by

Dental Tourism in Mexico - Infographic

shared by mexicodental on Jun 24
Dental care is becoming increasingly expensive especially in the Unites States. By beginning of 2014, Statistics had projected a 26% increase in annual out-of-pocket payments for dental care services ...




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