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The Dementia Epidemic

THE //////////// //////////I/ DEMENTIA EPIDEMIC //////////// //// //// //// WHAT IS IT, EXACTLY? Dementia is a disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease or injury and marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning. 7.7 There is a new case of it MILLION: somewhere in number of new the world Alois Alzheimer cases of EVERY 4 first "discovered" (named) dementia in DEMENTIA each year SECONDS. 1906 135 MILLION PEOPLE ARE EXPECTED TO HAVE DEMENTIA BY 2050: 150 2050 (PROJECTED) (1200%) 2013 120 90 ( 个 226 % ) 60 († 248%) (190%) 30 († 345%) AFRICA AMERICAS EUROPE ASIA WORLDWIDE COST OF DEMENTIA $ 600 13 / 130 BILLION 100 Number of countries in the World Health Organization with a national dementia plan global cost of DEMENTIA ******************** CARE AUSTRALIA | BELGIUM | DENMARK FINLAND FRANCE LUXEMBOURG NETHERLANDS CHINESE TAIPEI | NORWAY REPUBLIC OF KOREA That's 1 percent of the U.K. SWITZERLAND U.S.A. GLOBAL DOMESTIC **** PRODUCT! (GDP) ******* ********** 100 100 TURKEY BIG BUSINESS IF DEMENTIA CARE If dementia care were a company, it would be the world's largest by WERE A COUNTRY, IT WOULD BE THE #17 annual revenue: WORLD'S ExonMobil 18TH LARGEST ECONOMY, → $311 BILLION #18 Walmart $414 BILLION RANKING BETWEEN NDONESIA TURKEY AND INDONESIA. DEMENTIA $600+ BILLION #19 RECOGNIZING DEMENTIA 2 of these core mental functions must be significantly impaired to be considered dementia: ABILITY TO FOCUS MEMORY COMMUNICATION & LANGUAGE VISUAL PERCEPTION REASONING & JUDGEMENT /////////////// TYPES OF DEMENTIA 1 ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE (MOST COMMON) 24 MILLION It is the 6th leading cause of death overall in the U.S. 5 MILLION number of people And the 5th leading worldwide with of which are cause of death in Alzheimer's Disease AMERICANS Americans age 65 and older 2 VASCULAR DEMENTIA ( 2ND MOST COMMON) Different from Alzheimer's in that vascular dementia occurs when blood flow, nutrients and/or oxygen to the brain are impeded. 3 OTHER, LESS COMMON FORMS: - FRONTOTEMPORAL DEMENTIA (aka Pick's disease or frontal lobe dementia) - PROGRESSIVE SUPRANUCLEAR PALSY - BINSWANGER'S DISEASE - KORSAKOFF'S SYNDROME (associated with heavy drinking) HIV-RELATED COGNITIVE TREATMENTS DOCTORS USE MEDICINE TO MEDICINE TREAT DEMENTIA IN THE FOLLOWING WAYS: To correct a condition that is causing dementia, such as thyroid replacement for hypothyroidism, vitamins for lack of B12, or antibiotics for infections To maintain mental functioning for as long as possible when dementia cannot be reversed To manage mood or behavior problems, such as: depression, insomnia, hallucinations, and agitation To prevent further strokes in people who have vascular dementia MEDICINES TO HELP MAINTAIN MENTAL FUNCTION: CHOLINESTERASE INHIBITORS These drugs were developed to treat Alzheimer's disease, ANTIPSYCHOTIC DRUGS Donepezil (Aricept) but they may be tried in other dementias, especially vascular dementia Risperidone Galantamine (Risperdal) (Reminyl) Olanzapine Rivastigmine It is not clear how long (Zyprexa) these medicines will work. (Exelon) ANTIDEPRESSANTS (control mood and behavior problems) These conditions are risk factors for vascular dementia. MEDICINES FOR: MEMANTINE (NAMENDA) Used to treat • High Blood symptoms of Alzheimer's disease Pressure • High Cholesterol SUPPORT GROUPS The Alzheimer's Association 24/7 Helpline: 800.272.3900 Early Stage Support Group: Contact Kate Nederostek, program director (801-265-1944 or [email protected]) to learn more BROUGHT TO YOU BY Sources 429599--business.html NI!! Mliii NUMBER OF PEOPLE WITH DEMENTIA (MILLIONS)

The Dementia Epidemic

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Dementia is a disorder of the mental processes caused by brain disease or injury and marked by memory disorders, personality changes, and impaired reasoning.


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